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How to get counter on txt?

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Old 06-10-2018 , 03:21   How to get counter on txt?
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I want to write custom gameid to .txt file, example: a1, a2, a3, a4 and etc then admin runs custom command. And every time that ID increase like example first time i wrote custom command in server and write into .txt file: a1. Next time if i use same command wirte to txt file a2 but removes before a1 text. I hope u understand what i neeed. I try do something like that:

PHP Code:
public WriteMatchID()
mixid i++;

But does not working... Any help? Thanks guys!

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Old 06-10-2018 , 13:26   Re: How to get counter on txt?
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Simplest way is to write in a new line every time.

Then loop fgets to retrieve the data, and count it or w/e you need to do with it.

EDIT: Oh i misunderstood what you are trying to do ( you wan't to delete the previous input and not leave it )

Thats even easier, you should still retrieve it with with fgets or w/e then close the file and use

PHP Code:
fopensFilename"wt" ); 
( This function with flags wt, deletes the content of the file ( if it exists ) and opens it for writing, also returns a handle )

Use what you retrieved previously to print whatever you need into the file

Also its good practise not to use read_file and write_file, thats why I didn't, but it would be fine to use those in your case, if you want to.

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