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KreedZ (KZ): Spawns Fix

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Old 12-21-2018 , 18:45   Re: KreedZ (KZ): Spawns Fix
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Thank you. I am able to play maps from other mods with this. Plugin makes 1 single spawn point when there used to be many on Gearbox on maps that do not need it. This plugin was quickly discarded.
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Old 08-01-2019 , 17:05   Re: KreedZ: Spawns Fix
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Originally Posted by WhiteFang1319 View Post
Yeah, I meant ReGameDLL as I use them both.

I'll try it them thanks.
	"name": "EntSelectSpawnPoint",
	"library": "mod",
			"type": "CBasePlayer *"
		"type": "edict_s *"
			"os": "windows",
			"mod": "cstrike",
			"value": [0x55,0x8B,"*",0x51,0x56,0x57,0x8B,"*",0x8B,"*","*","*","*","*",0x8B,"*"]
			"os": "linux",
			"mod": "cstrike",
			"value": "_ZN11CBasePlayer19EntSelectSpawnPointEv"
Windows signature made by me is for the latest regamedll_CS.
Notice that unlike the Valve gamedll, it's CBasePlayer and not CBaseEntity.

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