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Simple Menu Builder

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Old 07-06-2019 , 16:08   Re: Simple Menu Builder
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These 2 parts are exceptional.
You can also make some menus or menu items appear on specific maps only. Use - mapname - for a specific map, - map_* - for map prefix and -#all - to use all maps again.
You can even execute a function from another plugin. You can do this by using do.func(plugin_name.amxx, function_name). Please note that you should use functions that have only one parameter, and that parameter should be the player's id.
Alias and bind is all some use while others prefer menu. The sound is a nice touch.
"It's not the actual programming that's interesting. But it's what you can accomplish with the end results that are important." -Dennis Ritchie
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Old 07-27-2019 , 16:34   Re: Simple Menu Builder
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How can i make a submenu with a bunch of other commands ?
For example I want to make a submenu for trails
example title trail menu
then command
"say trail red"
"say trail green" etc etc ...

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Old 07-27-2019 , 18:22   Re: Simple Menu Builder
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You can use the command that opens the menu in order to make a submenu, then enter the trail commands in said submenu. Here's an example:

PHP Code:
[New Menu Main Menu]

Menu Settings]

MENU_OPEN say /mainmenu

[Menu Items]

"Open Submenu" "say /submenu"

[New Menu Submenu]

Menu Settings]

MENU_OPEN say /submenu

[Menu Items]

"Red Trail" "say trail red" 

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Old 08-07-2019 , 08:22   Re: Simple Menu Builder
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Thank you for this, great job.
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