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TOG Case Commands

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    Old 06-07-2014 , 19:23   TOG Case Commands
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    This plugin converts chat trigger to all lowercase. This is useful if someone commonly toggles caps lock for whatever reason. Specifically, it checks to see if the chat text starts with ! or /, and if it does, it checks whether the next character is capitolized. If it is, then it blocks the command and resends it as all lowercase.

    I only check the first letter for caps because someone might troll with a command like !kick @All (wouldnt do anything because of the capitol 'A' in @All). As such, I check the first letter, and if it is capitolized, the plugin assumes caps lock and converts it.

    I originally made this as part of my Chat Tags plugin, but made it into it's own plugin in case someone wants just that feature.

    Place the .smx file in your cstrike/addons/sourcemod/plugins folder.

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