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Sourcebans Error Assistance

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Old 09-04-2022 , 04:11   Sourcebans Error Assistance
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We've been using Sourcebans for along time now and its a great tool but recently we've come across an issue we can't solve.

We're getting an error thrown that is making it so that sourcebans cannot:
A. Update Ranks on server
B. Log bans properly
C. Track bans at all (If someone banned joins they are not kicked)

We've changed nothing about Sbans in forever so we're confused about whats occurring. Could anyone have any idea as to what is occuring?

Error -
[ERROR] addons/combined/lua/ulx/modules/sban.lua:516: attempt to index upvalue 'database_sban' (a nil value)
  1. StartBanCheck - addons/combined/lua/ulx/modules/sban.lua:516
   2. __event - addons/combined/lua/ulx/modules/sban.lua:618
    3. UniqueID - [C]:-1
     4. echoToAdmins - addons/combined/lua/ulx/log.lua:164
      5. __event - addons/combined/lua/ulx/log.lua:202

[combined] addons/combined/lua/ulib/modules/server/sfsm.lua:102: bad argument #1 to 'SteamIDFrom64' (string expected, got nil)
  1. SteamIDFrom64 - [C]:-1
   2. onsuccess - addons/combined/lua/ulib/modules/server/sfsm.lua:102
    3. unknown - lua/includes/modules/http.lua:29
The code being referenced is in files responsible for storing things like the API key/Host and database info but we haven't changed these in awhile so we're confused about why it suddenly decided to stop working.

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