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Hi, everybody

I wanna create CaptainSystem on my csgo server for knife rounds. So on the internet I found the following code:
public int RandomCaptainCT()
	int PlayersCT[MAXPLAYERS + 1];
	int PlayersCountCT;
	for (int i = 1; i <= MaxClients; i++)
		if (IsClientValid(i))
			if (GetClientTeam(i) == CS_TEAM_CT)
				PlayersCT[PlayersCountCT++] = i;
	return PlayersCT[GetRandomInt(0, PlayersCountCT - 1)];

public int RandomCaptainT()
	int PlayersT[MAXPLAYERS + 1];
	int PlayersCountT;
	for (int i = 1; i <= MaxClients; i++)
		if (IsClientValid(i))
			if (GetClientTeam(i) == CS_TEAM_T)
				PlayersT[PlayersCountT++] = i;
	return PlayersT[GetRandomInt(0, PlayersCountT - 1)];

public Action GetCaptainCT(client, args)
	CaptainCT = RandomCaptainCT();
	GetClientName(CaptainCT, CaptainName_CT, 32);
	GetClientAuthId(CaptainCT, AuthId_Steam2, CaptainID_CT, 32, false);
	PrintToChatAll("[\x07SMP\x01] \x06CT's Captain: \x04%s", CaptainName_CT);

public Action GetCaptainT(client, args)
	CaptainT = RandomCaptainT();
	GetClientName(CaptainT, CaptainName_T, 32);
	GetClientAuthId(CaptainT, AuthId_Steam2, CaptainID_T, 32, false);
	CaptainsSelected = true;
	PrintToChatAll("[\x07SMP\x01] \x06T's Captain: \x04%s", CaptainName_T);
It is choosing random captain. It's cool but i have created my server for team vs team praccs.
I need CVars for choose 2 captains of both teams.
I've not seen anything on this thread on the internet.
How can I get it?

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