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Loading Music II v1.2.9

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Old 07-10-2012 , 04:38   Re: Loading Music II v1.2.9
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] mp3 play sound/mp3/Domino2.mp3
warning: MP3_InitStream(32, sound\mp3\Domino2.mp3) failed
] mp3 play sound/mp3/CallMeMaybe2.mp3
warning: MP3_InitStream(33, sound\mp3\CallMeMaybe2.mp3) failed
] mp3 play sound/mp3/BloodSugar.mp3
MP3_InitStream(30, sound\mp3\BloodSugar.mp3) successful
] mp3 play sound/mp3/Starships.mp3
warning: MP3_InitStream(34, sound\mp3\Starships.mp3) failed
] mp3 play sound/mp3/DontStopTheMusic.mp3
warning: MP3_InitStream(35, sound\mp3\DontStopTheMusic.mp3) failed

; 1) put this file under $AMXMODX/config/ folder
; 2) all paths to files must be relative to $MODDIR/ folder
; 3) you can skip an extension, but that file won't be precached (still can
; can be played by client side if exists right there)
; 4) files are precached only if they are placed within $MODDIR/sound/ folder

; NOTE: Half-Life??.mp3 tracks are supplied with HL/CS
; your custom mp3 track to be precached; watch out for mp3 size!

; next track is supplied with CS

; and finally some loading samples supplied with this plugin

; NOTE: max number of tracks is 30; others will be skipped
g_cvarAmxLoadingTrack = register_cvar("amx_loading_track", "-1")
g_cvarAmxLoadingLoop = register_cvar("amx_loading_loop", "0", FCVAR_SERVER)
g_cvarAmxLoadingDelay = register_cvar("amx_loading_delay", "0.0")
g_cvarAmxLoadingFlags = register_cvar("amx_loading_flags", "abc")
Now all 5 of the mp3's are 320kbps , channels - 2 , 44kHz sample rate.
And only Blood Sugar works..which is also the longest track, being 5mins long.
All song are on fastdownload and all files are correctly downloaded to client.
Wondering if anyone could help me with this please

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Old 12-13-2012 , 17:37   Re: Loading Music II v1.2.9
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Guys need backup,
2 Questions:

-The Cvar section at main poast is a little messy, so, at my server the song is only being played at spectating or waiting to join a team, i want it to play only at loading bar to join the server.

-The song is to low, i can hardly hear it.
What are the maximum sittings to the sound to be played by counterstrike 1.6? ghz/stere/mono?
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Old 01-02-2014 , 04:51   Re: Loading Music II v1.2.9
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Doesnt work. my mp3 file is 2.11 mb.

its cs online ambience, and i want it to keep on playing after u have joined the game.

So i removed the "a" flag so as u said, it will keep on playing.

doesnt play at all.
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Old 10-24-2014 , 18:55   Re: Loading Music II v1.2.9
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Welcome to the AMX Mod X 1.8.1-300 Compiler.
Copyright (c) 1997-2006 ITB CompuPhase, AMX Mod X Team

Warning: Symbol is never used: "can_emit" on line 436
Header size:            992 bytes
Code size:            12916 bytes
Data size:            11504 bytes
Stack/heap size:      16384 bytes; max. usage is unknown, due to recursion
Total requirements:   41796 bytes

1 Warning.

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Old 11-02-2014 , 14:11   Re: Loading Music II v1.2.9
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I'll ask nicely for someone to help set the MP3 music played at the Spectator . So set up, to download , but it does not play at all , not charging nor usual. Thank you in advance for your help!
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Old 11-15-2014 , 14:08   Re: Loading Music II v1.2.9
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can any1 tell me I want only connecting time sound, don't need spec,join team sounds.

I have set amx_loading_flags a
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Old 01-10-2015 , 18:51   Re: Loading Music II v1.2.9
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Why is the music still on while playing O.o isn't it supposed to play music only during connsection?!
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Old 04-09-2015 , 02:41   Re: Loading Music II v1.2.9
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Plz update this plugin, if there is a map where there is already a sound playing ex: de_cpl_mill (wind blowing), or de_nuke (squeeke door) the mp3 will not play during connection or as still 1st spectating/teamchoosing.
Does work well on de_dust2 but only while connecting no matter what configuration/flags i use

I will be using this fix untill the author updates/fixes this plugin

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Old 12-02-2016 , 19:46   Re: Loading Music II v1.2.9
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Hey, I am using this plugin on my server.
I wanna put it to sing some songs for Christmas when entering on the server.
The problem is that when I enter on the server the songs stops!
I am using auto join plugin, maybe thats the problem?
How can I fix it? Thanks!

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