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How to copy ke::HashMap?

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DJ Tsunami
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Old 06-30-2017 , 06:12   How to copy ke::HashMap?
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Since ke::HashMap has an implicitly deleted copy constructor and copy assignment operator, do I have to iterate over the map to copy it, or is there an easier way? And if the map is a member of another object, I guess I would have to write a copy constructor / assignment operator for that object and copy the map there?
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Old 07-07-2017 , 07:02   Re: How to copy ke::HashMap?
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Whoops, didn't see this before. It does appear you will have to copy it yourself. If you're willing, see if dvander will take a patch to implement them.
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DJ Tsunami
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Old 07-10-2017 , 04:18   Re: How to copy ke::HashMap?
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Thanks! Copy constructors were omitted from AMTL by design, but there's a PR for move constructors which would probably solve my issues. Unfortunately it has errors.

The issue I have with writing my own copy constructor is that its parameter is const, but ke::HashMap doesn't have a const iterator:
PHP Code:
    HTTPResponse(const struct HTTPResponse &other)
        for (
HTTPHeaderMap::iterator iter other.headers.iter(); !iter.empty(); iter.next()) // member function 'iter' not viable: 'this' argument has type 'const HTTPHeaderMap' (aka 'const StringHashMap<ke::AString>'), but function is not marked const
headers.replace(iter->key.chars(), ke::Move(iter->value));

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Old 07-16-2017 , 00:21   Re: How to copy ke::HashMap?
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If you file some issues I can make sure the move-ctor bug is fixed, as well as the const iterator.

I've been thinking about lifting the copy-constructor restriction in AMTL. It'd require an opt-in parameter:

ke::Vector v2(v1, ke::ExplicitCopy());
Unfortunately that wouldn't fix a separate issue, which is that you can't capture these things by-value in lambdas, which is really annoying. Sometimes you know the contents is small enough to copy and you don't care about the performance.
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