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Dispenser Music Choice - Rex Subplugins

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Old 06-27-2020 , 10:07   Dispenser Music Choice - Rex Subplugins
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It's my first post here, so don't judge strictly :)

Updated the old one plugin (ordinary post - https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1982288) with some new features.

1) New commands:
1.1) sm_dm <number> or !dm <number> - select the current song for your dispenser if it's built. Song list based on config further down the post. Default Flag - Reservation.
1.2) sm_dmtarget @player <number> or !dmtarget @player <number> - the same as previous one, but now you can select dispenser music for other players (only for 1 per time). Default Flag - Cheats.
1.3) sm_dmall <number> or !dmall <number> - select music for all dispensers on map. Will not work, if dispenser has no owner, forced by RTD or disabled for the owner with !dispenser command. Default Flag - Cheats.
1.3.1) CVAR sm_dmusic_delay (def = 30.0) - players can't select music with !dm after someone used !dmall for this amout of seconds.

2) Now plugin is fully compatible with backpackdispenser and multiple_buildings plugins.
3) Music removes after end of the round or dispenser owner's death (and if dispenser was destoyed).

4) !dm can be used only if:
4.1) You are alive
4.2) You are engineer
4.3) You have build the dispenser
4.4) You turned on !dispenser command, which allows playing music

5) If some dispensers are in the one area at the same moment, admin can use !dmall to select one melody for all of them, which will be bassboosted for as many dispensers as are beside each other.


Old ones:
1) sm_dispenser or !dispenser - Allow your dispensers playing music. Rebuild your dispenser after changing this setting.
2) Songs are going one by one.

Some bugs:
1) !dm_all will not work, if there are more than 5 dispensers in one place at the same moment.
2) The same for !dm and !dmtarget if you use multiple_buildings plugin.
3) Rare error: !dm, !dmtarget, !dmall only remove sounds without playing the selected ones. Just rewrite the command.

config goes to addons/sourcemod/configs. Don't forget to add something!
plugin goes to addons/sourcemod/plugins.
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