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Castle Wolfenstein fans. Door-locking Mod on my mind.

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Old 05-31-2020 , 22:48   Castle Wolfenstein fans. Door-locking Mod on my mind.
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Have you played it? What version and what did you think? The reason I ask is I haven't played it in 37 years easy. All I remember was this. Always searching for keys to 'unlock doors' for one. Recently I remade the 'transistor radio plugin' after going completely mad listening to 'those 3 waves' I whipped out nano and the geany and started fixing bugs like those stupid 'invalid command' ones to the main one. The Approved Transistor Radio plugin would lock doors and without no clip you were stuck to the wall with it / MAKE AN MP3 PLAYER without downloads and precaching. Then after doing a lot of mapping out of stuff not too long back I was thinking item_security could make a sweet mod. Lock door and unlock them. Buy a lock. Buy a key for CS/CZ and other mods like Half-Life some other way.
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