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MatterAMXX: Chat relay between many services [Includes API]

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Originally Posted by Gabe Iggy View Post
[ALL] MatterAMXX Plugins

The MatterAMXX API allow plugin creators to capture and send messages via MatterAMXX, you can see the plugin in action in the following plugins!

MatterAMXX Lag Checker

This plugin will notify a configured user if the CPU/FPS increase/fall past/below a defined threshold. Triggered if someone says "lag" on the server.

If the user says "lag" and the server is not lagging he will be notified along with the FPS and CPU values.

Console Variables:
  • amx_matter_lagchecker_enabled
    Enables the plugin.
    Default 1.
  • amx_matter_lagchecker_ping_this_person
    Determines the person/s who should be pinged on alert.
    Should be a pingable string, for example "@username" for Telegram or "<@12345678910>" for Discord ID.
    Default [blank string].
  • amx_matter_lagchecker_cpu_threshold
    If the CPU goes over this percentage, an alert should be sent.
    Default 75.
  • amx_matter_lagchecker_fps_threshold
    If the FPS goes below this percentage (based on sys_ticrate), an alert should be sent..
    Default 25.

  • 1.4
    • Initial Release


Control the server from anywhere.

This plugin will allow you to control the server's console from any messaging protocol, with full console output.

You can configure which users are allowed to send commands to the server console.


By default the plugin won't accept commands from any user, to do so you need to edit the matteramxx_rcon_accounts.ini file in your AMXX config folder.
; Add all accounts to have access to Matteramxx RCON
; Any account not on this list will be denied from executing commands
; Syntax: username§protocol

;Gabe Iggy#9999§discord
The format is username§protocol. Both are required to disallow impersonation.

Console Variables:
  • amx_matter_rcon_enable
    Enables the plugin.
    Default 1.
  • amx_matter_rcon_dont_ignore_list
    Determines if the plugin should NOT ignore the master account list and accept commands from any user
    Dangerous! A badly configured bridge will allow to anyone to get access to the game console. Set it to 1 unless you really know what are you doing.
    Default 1.
  • amx_matter_rcon_prefix
    The bot prefix to send commands to the console
    Default "!rcon "
  • amx_matter_rcon_hide_cvars
    Determines if the plugin should redact protected cvars. (like rcon_password)
    Default 1.
  • amx_matter_rcon_hide_ips
    Determines if the plugin should redact IPs.
    Default 1.
  • amx_matter_rcon_code_block
    Determines if the plugin should send the output in a code block
    Note that not every protocol supports this feature
    Default 1.

  • 1.4
    • Initial Release

Installation instructions
  • Download all requirements, plus the .sma file.
  • Place include files, in the /scripting/includes directory.
  • Compile the plugin and install the newly generated .amxx files. (Remember to install the latest version of MatterAMXX in your server)
most people nowdays use rehlds, so we can`t use Orpheu, can you make one version for rehlds?
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