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[TF2] Themes v0.8 (Bug Fixes + 1 New Theme)

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Old 10-08-2016 , 09:43   Re: [TF2] Themes v0.8 (Bug Fixes + 1 New Theme)
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Bumping. So anyone can explain how exactly tracing X and Y coordinates for the particles works? Because when trying to add, say, cp_5gorge to the maps.cfg list, I try the methods that worked just perfectly fine in already in-cfg maps like 2fort, and even go as far as to set the coordinates from corner to corner, but the particles are always spawned in some random location not even inside the visible map. It's really frustrating.

The plugin works just like the first day on maps that it already comes with, and I've already done everything else. Set "_particles.txt"s for every current map, read maps.cfg's instructions, etc.

[Edit] Found the solution, but first a little explanation. I wanted to cover as much of the "step-able" areas of the map as posible, including those that can only be accessed to via noclip.
Problem was, I started out with Gorge. It turns out said noclip-only areas on all variations of Gorge reach X coordinates beyond 10000 and -10000, and apparently anything above that being set as start/end points for the particles will be misread, and the particles will spawn somewhere else entirely. No other map has had this problem so far, probably because no other map has accessible areas beyond 10000/-10000 coords.

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Old 11-29-2019 , 12:22   Re: [TF2] Themes v0.8 (Bug Fixes + 1 New Theme)
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idk why but it seems to be working ok on my server.

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Old 12-01-2019 , 01:50   Re: [TF2] Themes v0.8 (Bug Fixes + 1 New Theme)
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This is one of those plugins I've wanted to "fix up" but have just never gotten around to it. Maybe one day...
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