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Solved [csgo] retrieving a vtable offset from CBasePlayer::

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Old 09-10-2017 , 02:40   [csgo] retrieving a vtable offset from CBasePlayer::
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hi and sorry to bother you again, would you know how to retrieve this offset on linux ? (CBasePlayer::IsReadyToSpawn function is quite complicated to retrieve with the vtables)
I don't have a good recent server.dll to make a diff with windows if anyone can provide me one without me needing to overload my harddrive, it would be nice.

0	sub_588960
1	sub_588980
2	sub_5010C0
3	sub_3F7C60
4	sub_3F7BE0
5	sub_3F7BF0
6	sub_3F7C00
7	sub_3F7C30
8	sub_3F7C10
9	sub_3FB3A0
10	sub_588910
11	sub_588920
12	sub_588900 < this is CBasePlayer::IsReadyToSpawn in IDA
13	sub_500C20
14	sub_3F7C40
15	sub_500E00
16	sub_500E10
17	sub_500E30
18	sub_521C70
19	sub_503C60
20	sub_5010F0
21	sub_507B40
22	sub_5889D0
23	sub_501CF0
24	sub_524B40
25	sub_589910
26	sub_441FB0
27	sub_501C80
28	sub_500F80
29	sub_3F76F0
I can't believe it has the same offset as GetDataDescMap, what value should i add?
IDA xrefs points me to this vtable so it's the only vtable i can get it from with my knowledge...

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Old 09-11-2017 , 15:40   Re: [csgo] retrieving a vtable offset from CBasePlayer::
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lin 488 win 487 if you really want to know how i got them i can post it.

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Old 09-12-2017 , 09:11   Re: [csgo] retrieving a vtable offset from CBasePlayer::
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Alright so since someone asked me to post it here we go.

I used an old bin (with symbols) to look at the function/vtable.

The vtable we want is CCSPlayer, so I dumped the old one and here is the part that matters...

PHP Code:
 484  483 CBasePlayer::Hints(void)
485  484 CBasePlayer::IsReadyToPlay(void)
486  485 CBasePlayer::IsReadyToSpawn(void)
487  486 CBasePlayer::ShouldGainInstantSpawn(void)
488  487 CBasePlayer::ResetPerRoundStats(void)
489  488 CBasePlayer::ResetScores(void)
490  489 CCSPlayer::IncrementFragCount(intint
Now I looked at the first one that wasnt from CBasePlayer (CCSPlayer::IncrementFragCount(int, int))

The function contains the string "Player '%s'[%08X] got first kill of the round.\n". After finding the function i look at the xrefs to get to the vtable. In the vtable I subtracted 4 functions and boom i got the function address.

Now i jump to the start of the vtable and using the original ida script https://github.com/alliedmodders/sou...table_dump.idc I dump the vtable making sure to set "Number of vtable entries to ignore for indexing:" to 0 when asked.

Windows is a bit easier to find the vtable, but to find the function is much harder (although in this case i already knew it was 1 off from linux).

To find the function I could use the same method as I did for linux but I'll explain the other method.

Using http://www.openrce.org/blog/view/134...er_IDA_plug-in you can get the vtable list from RTTI.

Next you jump to the vtable you want and using the same script as above i dumped the vtable.

Now windows optimizes the vtable when functions are identical, since this one and many others simply do return 1; The function name appears a multitude of times in the vtable. So what you can do is compare the entries in the old to the new. I see that the new one has 2 more than the old. So I know it is between 0-2 from the old one (this is a brave assumption but a pretty safe one)

Here is what it looked like after I (stupidly) renamed the function.

PHP Code:
473    IsReadyToSpawn
474    nullsub_2
475    sub_102EFAC0
476    sub_1041DA70
477    nullsub_49
478    sub_103F1DA0
479    IsReadyToSpawn
480    sub_102F1100
481    nullsub_2
482    sub_1011B360
483    sub_103F5130
484    sub_101E72E0
485    sub_1011B370
486    IsReadyToSpawn
487    IsReadyToSpawn
488    sub_1011B360
489    nullsub_1
490    sub_101E1230
491    IncrementFragCount 
Now i know that there is 2 consecutive ones so i found the 2 together and its the bottom one.

I should point out we arent 100% sure its the CCSPlayer but it is either CCSPlayer, CCSBot and CBot<CCSPlayer> so it doesnt really matter but the using the vtable length method may lead to errors if one has more functions

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Old 09-13-2017 , 08:37   Re: [csgo] retrieving a vtable offset from CBasePlayer::
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Thanks for the awnsers that's pretty helpful, since i have more to dig out from this class.
I guess it's solved
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