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HELP startup commands

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Old 11-09-2023 , 13:20   HELP startup commands
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Hello, I'm trying to run a cs2 server. Previously, it started normally with these startup parameters, but now it doesn't want to start, it shows me "unkown commend port" and "uncown commend authkey". Here are the parameters
./cs2 -dedicated +host_workshop_map 3070283540 +game_type 2 +game_mode 0 +servercfgfile server.cfg +port 27017 +ip + sv_setsteamaccount [Here's the number, but I don't want to make it public] +authkey [Here's the number, but I don't want to make it public]
If I change the port and authkey command from + to -, the errors are not displayed, but the server setup stops at this stage
Event System loaded 50 events from file: vpk:/full/path/to/cs2-ds/game/csgo/pak01.vpk:resource/game.gameevents.
Event System loaded 152 events from file: vpk:/full/path/to/cs2-ds/game/csgo/pak01.vpk:./resource/mod.gameevents.
CEntitySystem::BuildEntityNetworking (parallel build of server) took 17.954 msecs for 218 out of 297 classes
[STARTUP] {0.848} server module init ok
CHostStateMgr::QueueNewRequest( Idle (console), 1 )
Source2Init OK
HostStateRequest::Start(HSR_IDLE):  loop(console) id(1) addons() desc(Idle (console))
SwitchToLoop console requested:  id [1] addons []
Host activate: Idle (console)
When I start the server with the startup parameters given below, it starts normally
./cs2 -dedicated +map de_dust2
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