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[CS:GO/ANY?] BoomPanel BETA - Admin control panel

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Admin Commands
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    Admin control panel, control your server bans, mute, gag, silence, admins, admin activity and much more.
    Old 12-03-2017 , 10:44   [CS:GO/ANY?] BoomPanel BETA - Admin control panel
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    BoomPanel is project that I have been working on for too long and still didnt finish it (https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=293850), its an admin control panel, that allows you to control your servers without beeing in server. You can control all the bans, mute/gags, admin activity, chat logs, etc. It's currently in BETA version so no all the features that you see in the left sidebar are finished, but they will be and there is more to come. Im posting this here to get more feedback, bugs, ideas and suggestions, because with just few people testing it doesnt give me too much info. I also hope there will be people who would love to contribute and help out to make this panel even better than it is right now.

    Right now its tested on CS:GO only, no idea how it would work out with other source games, but it might be working so try it out, because there isnt really anything that much based on CS:GO from what I remember.

    As this is BETA version, do expect to see some errors or bugs. And if you do see, please provide me with them and I will try to fix them as soon as possible. Right now Im running this on my own servers and so far it seems to be going pretty good.

    Will try to also provide you guys later with more info about cvars, natives, how the website structure works (even it is pretty easy one ), maybe some documentaion, dont really know.

    Here Im listing all the features that are currently done, but it doesnt mean they wont be updated anymore.
    • Adding server admin groups
    • Adding server admins by the groups that you have added (also supports limited time, for example VIP for 30 days)
    • Bans - edit ban time, reaso, see if the ban is active, etc
    • Mute/gag/silence - the same idea what is for bans, you can see/edit reasons, length, etc
    • Player search - you can search for particular player who has been in your server by username, steamid32/64, steamurl, see their online time, ip
    • Servers: control your servers live, see online players, ban, mute, gag, kick them live from the server.
    • Chat: search particular users chat messages, or messages where someone mentions something
    • Admin logs, more advanced version of logging all the admin commands that were executed and at what time

    • Panel admin permissions, to give them access to particular pages
    • Simple php files where I get out all the bans, mute, gags with pagination, except no css. You just need to change css and maybe do iframe or move the file to your own main website, to simply get out all the data. Those files could also be used as example, how to get data out of the database correctly from my panel
    • Login saved in cookies, so you dont have to login again if the session ends
    • Admin online time - last 2 weeks/ last month/all time, etc
    • Community bans - other communities can give you link (json format) to their banlist and you can use it on your own community
    • Annoncements: send important message to multiple servers or particular servers, to annonce something. See annoncement history.
    • Most active players in last week/month/all time or your selected time.
    • Statistics, from which countries most of the players are, how long they stay in server, etc
    • Player profiles in website, so you can see how many times they have had a ban, mute, gag, what they have wrote in chat, their username history and some other stuff
    • Send private messages from servers tab, so you can chat with any player
    • Live chat? If this will be requested, then probably will add it, just didnt saw really purpose of this one
    • Other things that I had in my mind but I dont remember

    Here is just a simple two screenshots, of how the admin panel looks like, so you can get the idea:

    Here comes the fun part:
    1. Download latest version from github (master branch recommended)
    2. Upload web files to web
    3. Upload server files to server
    4. Upload the database.sql file to your database
    5. In web files open config.php , and edit all the neccessary configs there
    6. In server addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg add new connection to database by name: "BoomPanel"
    7. Edit cfg/sourcemod/BoomPanel.cfg if necessary

    1. Download latest version from github
    2. Replace all the web files, except config.php
    3. Update your database by running "database-update.sql"
    4. Replace all the files in server except the config files that your already have

    Recommended to download master branch

    Dont want to miss all the news around boompanel, want to give suggestions or just want to get support for your problems faster, join DISCORD.

    If you want to support me anyhow, buy me some beer:


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    Old 12-03-2017 , 10:44   Re: [CS:GO/ANY?] BoomPanel - Admin control panel
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    Old 12-03-2017 , 10:48   Re: [CS:GO/ANY?] BoomPanel BETA - Admin control panel
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    Nice Release
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    Old 12-03-2017 , 10:52   Re: [CS:GO/ANY?] BoomPanel BETA - Admin control panel
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    No discord link
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    Old 12-03-2017 , 11:14   Re: [CS:GO/ANY?] BoomPanel BETA - Admin control panel
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    Finally a step further to more modern Panels for sourcemod! Well done~
    Notable Projects:
    Event Item Spawner | Scissors, Rock, Paper for ZephStore
    tVip | Smart Link Remover
    PLG & GGC - CS:GO Roleplay

    and countless more...

    I can make a helicopter shoot missles if you want me to...
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    Old 12-03-2017 , 11:25   Re: [CS:GO/ANY?] BoomPanel BETA - Admin control panel
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    so this is like a sourceban replacement?
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    Old 12-03-2017 , 11:29   Re: [CS:GO/ANY?] BoomPanel BETA - Admin control panel
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    Great idea! I will definitely contribute to this project. That's what I wanted to do, but I was too lazy
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    Old 12-03-2017 , 13:17   Re: [CS:GO/ANY?] BoomPanel BETA - Admin control panel
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    Amazing job <3
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    Old 12-03-2017 , 13:22   Re: [CS:GO/ANY?] BoomPanel BETA - Admin control panel
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    Old 12-03-2017 , 13:32   Re: [CS:GO/ANY?] BoomPanel BETA - Admin control panel
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    Do you think I can add some socket stuff ? I think that would be a huge plus. To get real-time data.
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