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[CSGO] Chicken Strike (v1.0.1, 3-07-2017)

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    There's only one who can take down a squad of terrorists and save the hostages, call him in. All cluck, all chicken.
    Old 07-03-2017 , 11:59   [CSGO] Chicken Strike (v1.0.1, 3-07-2017)
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    Inspired by the animation Chicken Strike [CS:GO SFM] by Mori Animations.

    This plugin tries to reproduce the action as seen on the Chicken Strike animation, with the permission of the original author, Mori.


    Simply download chickenstrike.smx, and place it inside "csgo/addons/sourcemod/plugins/"


    • CT is always alone
    • CT play as a chicken
    • CT can perform a dash, super jump, and slow its fall
    • CT can only use ssg, deagle, knife, decoy and an egg
    • CT decoy will create an other chicken
    • CT must rescue hostages (egg pack)
    • CT egg, when hitting an enemy, will make him drop his weapon and invert his controls
    • CT health is set based on Terrorist number
    • Terrosists must protect the hostages from the CT, or stay alive until the time ends
    • Chicken OP is selected randomly on each round start if more than 2 players are present
    • Chat triggers for basic commands. Use !cs_credits to display the credits and !cs_help to display the help

    Feature Request/Bug report





    Preview the plugin


    More info on github

    More chicken here!
    Have fun!!

    vvv This link isn't updated very often, please go to Github vvv
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    Old 07-03-2017 , 14:24   Re: [CSGO] Chicken Strike (v1.0.0, 3-07-2017)
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    Nice idea ;)
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    Old 01-02-2018 , 06:35   Re: [CSGO] Chicken Strike (v1.0.0, 3-07-2017)
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    Do you think it's possible to make chickens spawn all over the map and the person/people that are turned to chickens can hide among them? It sort of turns it in to a chicken version of prop hunt.
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    Old 01-03-2018 , 11:05   Re: [CSGO] Chicken Strike (v1.0.1, 3-07-2017)
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    Update 1.0.1

    Small update released:
    • Version 1.0.1
      • Added chickens in the map
      • Improved dash

    See the changelog for more information.
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    Old 03-13-2018 , 02:37   Re: [CSGO] Chicken Strike (v1.0.1, 3-07-2017)
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    Wouldn't all Terrorists just camp at the hostages aka eggs? It'll be unfair by then?
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    Old 04-06-2021 , 06:52   Re: [CSGO] Chicken Strike (v1.0.1, 3-07-2017)
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    Any idea why CT players are appearing invisible? No error logs or anything. Non-player chickens are spawning fine.
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    Old 06-25-2021 , 06:46   Re: [CSGO] Chicken Strike (v1.0.1, 3-07-2017)
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    I have the same issue, i think it is because Valve introduced the Agent / Operator Models (in Operation Shattered Web(?)).

    They do not want players to use any other player model than default or one they purchased. As is the case for weapons. You also can not give any of the "special" knifes to a player.

    please, anyone correct me if this is wrong and there is a way to change player skins to chicken model!
    ... because we also want to play this mod with a visible chicken.
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