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No Longer Awarding MercyXP

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Old 04-14-2021 , 04:27   No Longer Awarding MercyXP
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We run linux hosted game servers on Debian 10 "Buster" with amxmodx 1.8.2 (cannot find any other versions to work with, sorry 1.9 is unusable).

It seems at some point the mercyxp system no longer awards players, so players can no longer farm in a SHM server. And this stops players from playing. I have not played SHM with CSv1.6 since the HD upgrade in 2013 caused a stuttering issue within my client (GUI).

I stepped in to my server this morning, planted the bomb and it went off and I never received mercyxp. Nor was I being awarded the Objective XP for completing.

//This cvar sets the value of XP given/taken from players for Hostage / Bomb / VIP events.
//Hostage rescues get sh_objectivexp divided by number of hostages on map, per hostage.
sh_objectivexp 32
//Minimum number of players required to gain any kind of non-frag XP (ie. objective/mercy XP).
sh_minplayersxp 1
//MercyXP mode, gives players XP if they did not gain any during a round.
//	0 - MercyXP system Disabled.
//	1 - Give any player a set amount of XP which is set with sh_mercyxp.
//	2 - Give only players up to a certain level MercyXP, max level is set with sh_mercyxp.
//		XP given will be the inverse of the amount they would get for killing
//		someone at their level, then this is divided by 2 to keep it low.
//		So as a players level increases they will get less MercyXP with mode 2.
sh_mercyxpmode 1

//If sh_mercyxpmode = 1: How much Mercy XP to give players
//If sh_mercyxpmode = 2: Max level to give MercyXP to players
sh_mercyxp 25
I think I used to have sh_minplayersxp 2 but none the less, it appears to not be working at all. Am I missing something here? There have been minor updates to CSv1.6 as I now see HP on the scoreboard??

If you need anything more, please let me know. Thanks for any assistance in this matter.

Krillin's World Server(s) Operator

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Old 04-14-2021 , 08:58   Re: No Longer Awarding MercyXP
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This is NOT an issue. For some reason no matter what the setting for sh_minplayersxp is set for, it seems it requires a static set number for "2" in order to work as when two people are in the server, the XP is awarded as expected.

My apologies. This doesn't seem to be an issue only '1' is ignored?

Thanks for listening....
Krillin's World Server(s) Operator

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