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[CSS] Homing Missiles

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    Turns thrown projectiles of your choice into homing missiles
    Old 11-11-2009 , 13:52   [CSS] Homing Missiles
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    Requires SourceMod 1.7

    Note: This is for CSS not CSGO, i don't support/own CSGO so any replies asking for help with CSGO will be ignored

    Turns thrown projectiles of your choice into homing missiles that lock onto the nearest enemy in line of sight. They will switch target if a different enemy is closer than the current target. If there are no enemies in line of sight the missiles will continue along their current trajectories. When thrown, if there are no enemies in line of sight the missiles will head towards the throwers crosshair. The missiles explode on contact with anything solid. you can also make the missiles dumb or cross hair guided.

    missile_damage -- Sets the maximum amount of damage the missiles can do. (default 100.0)
    missile_radius -- Sets the explosive radius of the missiles. (default 350.0)
    missile_speed -- Sets the speed of the missiles. (default 500.0)
    missile_type -- Sets whether the missile is dumb(0), homing(1) or cross hair guided(2) . (default 1)
    missile_enable -- Turns plugin on(1)/off(0). (default 1)
    missile_replace -- Replaces these projectiles with missiles, grenade(0), flashbang(1), smoke(2). (default 0)
    missile_team -- set which team can use missiles, any(0), terrorists(1), counter terrorists(2). (default 0)
    missile_arc -- Turns missile turning arc on(1)/off(0). when disabled the missiles won't curve through the air, they will turn immediately. (default 1)
    missile_ammo -- When missile_price is 0 players can use this many missiles per spawn, when missile_price above 0 then this is the maximum number of missiles they can buy. 0 is infinite. (default 0)
    missile_price -- Sets price for buying missiles. 0 disables buying, picked up projectiles are used for ammo. values above 0 only allows you to buy ammo not pick it up, ammo is added to the current reserves so you keep your original projectiles once your missile ammo runs out.
    missile_buyzone -- Enables(1)/disables(0) buying in buyzone restriction. (default 0)
    missile_buytime -- For how many seconds after round start players can buy missiles, 0.0 gives infinite time. (default 0.0)

    Chat Command
    Type !buymissile in chat/teamchat to buy a missile if you have the cash.

    Place the compiled plugin in your sourcemod plugins folder and place the files inside the zip file into their relative folders.

    -- Beware that too many active missiles along with a large number of living players may affect server performance.
    -- The missiles home in on a players eye position, i did it this way so you could tell if you were safe i.e if you can see the missile it can most likely see you.

    -- Added cvars for buytime and buyzone restrictions. see above.
    -- Fixed an issue which chat commands not working.

    -- you can only buy missiles during buytime and while inside a buyzone.
    -- sm 1.4 required.

    -- added some checks i missed out for previously added features and fixed a small bug.

    -- added a cvar to enable/disable the turning arc. see above.
    -- added a cvar to set the maximum amount of missiles players can use per spawn. see above.
    -- added a cvar to allow players to buy missiles using a chat command. see above.
    -- made a small change to stop error messages in console when missiles collide with certain entities.

    -- made some changes so the correct death icon should display with kills.
    -- added a simple check to see if the projectile was created by the game, if not then its ignored so there shouldn't be conflicts with certain other plugins.

    -- sdk hooks is now required.
    -- virtual offsets are no longer needed so there's less chance of problems after major updates, env_explosion is used for explosions instead.
    -- recoded parts of the plugin so it should give better performance.
    -- replaced env_steam with env_rockettrail (same entity used for rpg in hl2), smoke is tinted to team color.
    -- fixed an issue with the rockets bounding box.
    Attached Files
    File Type: zip missile files.zip (73.5 KB, 3170 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (homingmissiles.sp - 1741 views - 19.8 KB)
    File Type: smx homingmissiles.smx (15.0 KB, 401 views)

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    Old 11-11-2009 , 14:08   Re: [CSS] Homing Missiles
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    Old 11-11-2009 , 14:40   Re: [CSS] Homing Missiles
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    i used the hl2 rpg model and sound, the missiles are red for terrorists and blue for counter-terrorists. to keep things simple i used the smoke tempent.
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    Old 11-11-2009 , 20:04   Re: [CSS] Homing Missiles
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    What is the path for the models, materials, sound files?
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    Old 11-12-2009 , 00:30   Re: [CSS] Homing Missiles
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    Is there an issue with a plugin's precedence or something? Because this great missile mod stopped working after I install super admin plugin. Is there any other fineprint here?
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    Old 11-12-2009 , 07:30   Re: [CSS] Homing Missiles
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    Got same problem, its unloading on map change. I use mani crontab to load it auto. But sometimes its bugged, i mean nade is working like a rocket, but there is no model. I look forward for fixing this issue. I use Zombie Reload if you would asked.

    I noticed it needs to be first unloaded, then loaded again. If that will be done, plugin works good.

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    Old 11-12-2009 , 09:58   Re: [CSS] Homing Missiles
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    Hey, nice thing. I requested missle plugin long time ago. But it shouldnt be as grenade replacement. It should be a standalone buyable weapon. Plus admin only feature welcome too.
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    Old 11-12-2009 , 11:28   Re: [CSS] Homing Missiles
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    sorry guys, i'll look into the map change problem, i don't have any other plugins installed on my end so i never noticed any problems, guess thats a downside of testing only on your own pc.

    seems i also overlooked the fact that not all servers run through steam so they don't have the hl2 gcf's. when i upload an update i'll also upload the models,materials and sounds.

    i've uploaded a fixed version along with the missile files.

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    Old 11-12-2009 , 13:33   Re: [CSS] Homing Missiles
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    Works like a charm, awesome plugin!

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    Old 11-12-2009 , 15:59   Re: [CSS] Homing Missiles
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    After update works fine
    Txs m8!
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