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Spectator Fun

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Counter-Strike        Category:   Fun Stuff        Approver:   EKS (167)
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Old 03-07-2005 , 21:20   Spectator Fun
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This is exactly my second released plugin (I think).
Suggested by ffsupra7122000
I give credit to Asskicker and everyone involved in the production of the superhero mod for coming up with a way to give ammo, hopefully I can get it to work correctly on the next release.

Cmd: amx_specfun
Parameters: [Weapon Byte = Inifinite] [GodMode 1/0] [ClipMode 1/0]

This command (Flag: ADMIN_KICK) allows you to enter spectator mode with any weapon you want, Godmode (0 = Off, 1 = On) and ClipMode(0 = Off, 1 = On).

Rather than using the actual weapon names, it accepts the weapon byte instead. The weapon byte corresponds with the amx_const.inc, a list of the weapon bytes and what weapons they are can be found at the bottom of the post. As well, you can set as many weapon bytes as you want, no limitations although I do warn you to be wary, repeating the weapon bytes in the arguments may cause the hlds to crash, especially if its with "single" weapons like a c4 (The CS bomb)

ClipMode and GodMode are pretty self explanatory, when you want Godmode set that parameter to 1, if not set it to 0, same goes with Clipmode.


You want an M4A1, an AK47, a AWP, Godmode but no Clipmode your arguments would look like this:

amx_specfun 22 28 18 1 0

Lets say you want the same weapons, but no godmod or clipmode:

amx_specfun 22 28 18 0 0

and so on...

How to end it:
Simply join a team.

There is a problem with giving ammo, so when you recieve the weapon you won't get max ammo as I wanted. Runnin the same command a few times (3, 4 times) should be enough to give you the max ammo you wanted. Once I get a reply on how to fix this (which is completely stumping me) it'll be fixed and released on the next version.

Cmd: amx_specspawn

This cmd sets the spot you will spawn when you become a spectator. It isn't needed but it keeps you from spawning inside anyone else. Incase you do so happen to spawn in someone else, jumping well get you "out of them"

Problems: For some reason this cmd asks for 2 parameters. I can't seem to figure out why so just add a few numbers at the end and you'll be fine.

Cmd: amx_spectate

amx_spectate allows you to automatically view other clients while your in spectator and dead.

Looker("String") = Name of the person who's going to spectate
Looked At("String") = Name of the person whos going to BE spectated
Mode("Integar") = How your going to view that person, there are 3 seperate ways to view them:

1 = Regular First Person
2 = Third Person View
3 = Top Left View (looking down)
4 = Completely Over the player (Also looking down)

Problems: Still experimenting with it, doesn't work as well as I want it too, next release should hopefully solve this problem. I believe if you use this while your as a spectator and wait for the next round it should work as wanted.

Cmd: amx_specnorm

After using amx_spectate it is recommended to use amx_specnorm which will set your view back to normal. If not you could...have some major troubles.


Spectator_Speed = Default speed for people playing in spectator mode
Default = 500.0

Spectator_Health = Default health for people playing in spectator mode
Default = 100

Spectator_Armor = Default armor for people playing in spectator mode
default = 100

Spectator_Gravity = Default gravity for people playing in spectator mode
default = .5

To Come:
1. Parameter to allow others to go into spectator mode
2. A way to override the server default for speed, health etc. etc.
3. Hopefully a fix to the 2 apparent problems if I ever get a reply.
4. Other spectator options
5. Maybe, the availability of a third team all in spectator mode as so there can be three teams rather than one (maybe a vote or something similar)
6. Any other suggestions anyone has.

Whoops forgot about this:
Weapon Bytes: CSW_P228        1 CSW_SCOUT      3 CSW_HEGRENADE      4 CSW_XM1014    5 CSW_C4      6 CSW_MAC10      7 CSW_AUG   8 CSW_SMOKEGRENADE    9 CSW_ELITE      10 CSW_FIVESEVEN      11 CSW_UMP45      12 CSW_SG550      13 CSW_GALI                        14 CSW_GALIL      14 CSW_FAMAS      15 CSW_USP   16 CSW_GLOCK18  17 CSW_AWP   18 CSW_MP5NAVY  19 CSW_M249        20 CSW_M3      21 CSW_M4A1        22 CSW_TMP   23 CSW_G3SG1      24 CSW_FLASHBANG      25 CSW_DEAGLE    26 CSW_SG552      27 CSW_AK47        28 CSW_KNIFE      29 CSW_P90   30
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Old 08-25-2005 , 21:57  
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Edited: This doesn't work.
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Old 08-25-2005 , 22:12  
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NO, Good Job, nice work, Woopidy Dooda eh Substream, just get staright to the point, forget all teh effort and work he did..... Well Nice Work Vortox! I do that sometimes, all ud o is spec and then revive, amx_glow 0 0 0 0 then ur good, but u have to do that everytime, unless u bind it
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Old 08-25-2005 , 22:16  
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Edited: Good job on the plugin.
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Old 09-25-2005 , 13:53  
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God dahm its been forever since I've been on here. Your right it was poorly written but after a long well deserved break and alot more learning I'm gonna try coming back into here and making some plugins. First thing I'm gonna do is modify and resubmit this plugin into working playable third team as suggested by substream
Currently Looking for a mod team.
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Old 09-25-2005 , 17:15  
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wow thanks man i've been waiting for somebody to make this plugin thank you so much
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Old 03-18-2006 , 07:15  
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Does this work for amxmodx 1.60 ???
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Old 12-06-2006 , 18:20   Re: Spectator Fun
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May I ask what this is for?

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid
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Old 02-14-2007 , 04:49   Re: Spectator Fun
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you should add, a Invisible spec also. so you type like

amx_specfun 22 28 18 1 0 would be the settings above with out haveing no clip on...

amx_specfun 22 28 18 1 0 1 same settings just invisible...

That would be pretty usefull.

Thanks sorry just an idea..
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Old 11-21-2010 , 09:29   Re: Spectator Fun
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Thats a GOOD plugin !!!

Hope you can fix the problems
Why donīt you make a cvar where you can respawn on the next round if you dead or if you change to spectator (example for bots or other players)?
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