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SuperLogs: NeoTokyo 1.0.2 (updated 2009-10-08

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    Advanced logging for NeoTokyo. Generates auxilary logging for use with log parsers such as HLstatsX and Psychostats
    Old 08-02-2009 , 23:02   SuperLogs: NeoTokyo 1.0.2 (updated 2009-10-08
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    SuperLogs: NeoTokyo

    This is part of a series of plugins for many mods to enable more detailed logging, all in HL Log Standard.

    These plugins give the ability to track many things not natively logged by the game in log parsers such as HLstatsX:CE, Psychostats, and others.

    For SuperLogs: NeoTokyo, the following features are available:

    • headshot

    Kill location coordinates
    Note that these are logged as an extra line before the death message is logged as supported by HLX:CE 1.6 and later as well as future versions of Psychostats.
    L 07/30/2009 - 15:20:08: World triggered "killlocation" (attacker_position "-398 1216 -105") (victim_position "-277 585 76")
    Logging "Fixes"
    • Logs a "Started Map:..." line for the first map of the server (would normally happen too early to be logged)

    There are some cvars available to control what does and does not get logged by the plugin as some plugins may overlap functionality (ex. HLstatsX:CE Ingame Plugin <=1.5.6 logs headshot, backstab, and some others).

    Cvars (1 = Enable; 0 = Disable)
    superlogs_headshots - Enable logging of headshot player action (default on)
    superlogs_locations - Enable logging of location on player death (default on)

    Also See
    SuperLogs: TF2
    SuperLogs: L4D
    SuperLogs: Insurgency
    SuperLogs: Age of Chivalry
    SuperLogs: Fistful Of Frags
    SuperLogs: GoldenEye: Source
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    SuperLogs: DODS
    SuperLogs: Generic
    SuperLogs: ZPS
    SuperLogs: HL2DM/SourceForts
    SuperLogs: CSpromod
    SuperLogs: PVKII

    Compiling Notes
    SuperLogs: NeoTokyo requires http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=100084 to be in the scripting/include directory when compiling, and therefore, will not compile on the web compiler. SM version 1.1 or higher is required to compile.
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    Old 08-19-2009 , 12:05   Re: SuperLogs: NeoTokyo 1.0.1 (updated 2009-8-19)
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    Updated to version 1.0.1 to fix not being able to turn off headshot logging unless manually setting it to 1 and then back to 0.
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    Old 10-08-2009 , 16:07   Re: SuperLogs: NeoTokyo 1.0.2 (updated 2009-10-08
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    Updated to version 1.0.2. Fixed a bug where headshot logging could be inconsistent.
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