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ZPS Character Plugin

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Fun Stuff
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Zombie Panic!
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    Saves client's character and always make him be like that.
    Old 07-23-2009 , 10:21   ZPS Character Plugin
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    ZPS Character V1.1

    Hi. turtles requested a way to let peoples decide how they're spawning as. So I thought it'd be cool to have your own char in game. The main idea of this plugin is to give people the option of choose who they're. Unless they're carrier of course.


    Initial release.

    Command List:
    Command's Name         - Usage                            - Admin Flag - Description
    choosechar             - choosechar                       - Anyone     - Let's you choose the character that you'll be.
    sm_chars_fixdoubles    - sm_chars_fixdoubles              - ROOT       - Fix doubled players at database.
    sm_chars_reset         - sm_chars_reset <player name>     - ROOT       - Resets a player's character.
    sm_chars_reset_all     - sm_chars_reset_all               - ROOT       - Recreates the entire character database.
    sm_chars_reset_steamid - sm_chars_reset_steamid <steamid> - ROOT       - Resets a player's character using his Steam Id.
    ConVar List:
    ConVar's Name         - Value         - Description
    zpscharacter_database - storage-local - SourceMod MySQL Database's name from "sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg".
    zpscharacter_version  - 1.0           - Version of ZPS Character plugin.
    This Plugin is for the game Zombie Panic: Source only.
    When Updating this plugin please restart your server. This plugin rewrites the configuration file when a different version is detected. Unluckly it's not possible to overwrite a convar's descrition and default value. The only way is restarting the server so the plugin would recreate the convar. That means that while you don't restart your server after updating this plugin will keep on recreating the config file on every map change.

    When you update to a newer version the plugin will rebuild "cfg\sourcemod\zpsdisplayer.cfg".
    This plugin will show a menu to players when they first join the server. (In the pick a team room)
    This plugin adds "Resets Player Character" to Player Commands and "Delete Everyone's Characters" to Server Commands in admin menu.
    Players can change their characters by saying "!choosechar" or by typing "choosechar" in console.
    Characters changes are instant.


    NBK - Sammy-ROCK! (Coder of the plugin, me)
    turtles (Plugin's Idea)
    frikazoyd (Provided the character names and jobs)
    NBK servers. For beta testing.
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (zpscharacter.sp - 1930 views - 10.4 KB)

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    Old 07-29-2009 , 12:29   Re: ZPS Character Plugin
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    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Sammy so much ive been waiting for a plugin like im downloading it now omg i love you so much man.
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    Old 07-29-2009 , 12:36   Re: ZPS Character Plugin
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    Very quickly you got the female and the punk mixed up i clicked on the punk and it gives me the female model and vice versa besides that it works like a charm.
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    Old 11-09-2009 , 09:29   Re: ZPS Character Plugin
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    And if this plugin is to put on a new version of ZPS 2.0 it will work? And there will be a new skin, or just old?
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