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ZPS Displayer

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General Purpose
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Zombie Panic!
Plugin Dependencies:
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    Plugin Description:
    Display things about ZPS in the client's screen.
    Old 07-07-2009 , 23:27   ZPS Displayer
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    ZPS Displayer V1.9

    Hi. I've made a plugin to increase the gameplay of ZPS. The idea was to increase the options of team work and stress at ZPS. With the damage display you really know how you are doing this round and how much hp the person who killed you had(if you hit him/her). If your a zombie you can wait and attack humans when an infected person is about to turn. If your infected you can prepare a trick to your friends knowing exactly when you are turning. You can really know who did good in the round no matter if someone stole your frag. All the features in this plugin have a convar for management meaning you can really customize it. If you have any suggestions or any bug report I'd like to know. Enjoy.


    Changed player validation system. Last error fixed.

    Increased Round's Top cap. The ConVar "zpsdisplayer_top" now holds how many peoples will show in the top at once. Still 0 disables.
    Fixed errors.

    Fixed errors.
    Added real time Ranking Display.
    Auto rebuilds "cfg\sourcemod\zpsdisplayer.cfg" when a new version is detected.
    New ConVar: "zpsdisplayer_rankingindmg".

    Fixed Spectate bug.
    Improved system.

    Fixed UpdateDelay wrong default value.
    Improved system.


    Damage Display At top + Infected Countdown at bottom.


    When you spectate someone you can view his/her damages to.


    Round's Top View


    ConVar List:
    ConVar's Name - Value - Description zpsdisplayer_topx - -1.0 - X Pos of top display. zpsdisplayer_topy - 0.1 - Y Pos of top display. zpsdisplayer_bottomx - -1.0 - X Pos of bottom display. zpsdisplayer_bottomy - 0.9 - Y Pos of bottom display. zpsdisplayer_infected - 1 - Display Infected Survivors's countdown to Zombies, Spectators and the infected person (Not survivors team). zpsdisplayer_damage - 1 - Display damage to attacker when someone gets hurt by someone else. zpsdisplayer_top - 24 - Display round's top players based on damage when round ends. Value means the maximum players that are going to be displayed. zpsdisplayer_update_delay - 1.0 - Minimum delay before updating damage stats. zpsdisplayer_top_delay - 0.0 - Delay before removing top players display. 0 to remove on begin of next round. zpsdisplayer_damage_delay - 10.0 - Delay before removing old hits from damage display. zpsdisplayer_colors_r - 218.0 - Red value in text displayed. zpsdisplayer_colors_g - 165.0 - Green value in text displayed. zpsdisplayer_colors_b - 32.0 - Blue value in text displayed. zpsdisplayer_colors_a - 255.0 - Alpha value in text displayed. zpsdisplayer_rankingindmg - 1 - Displays the current rank and how much until next in the Damage Display. zpsdisplayer_version - 1.8 - Version of ZPS Displayer plugin.

    When Updating this plugin please restart your server. This plugin rewrites the configuration file when a different version is detected. Unlucky it's not possible to overwrite a convar's descrition and default value. The only way is restarting the server so the plugin would create the convar again. That means that while you don't restart your server after updating this plugin will keep on recreating the config file on every map change.
    Round Tops' location can't be edited. It has a logic since puttin to much info in a single hud will glitch.
    This plugin requires the "zpsinfectiontoolkit" gamedata to successfully work with all the features (Infection countdown).
    This plugin requires the "zpsdisplayer.phrases" translation file to work.
    The smx version of the plugin was compiled on SM 1.2.0. If your version is lower use the .sp file and compile in your scripting folder.
    Whenever you update to a newer version the plugin will rebuild "cfg\sourcemod\zpsdisplayer.cfg".


    NBK - Sammy-ROCK! (Coder of the plugin, me)
    Lapoxickle (Helped to get the Round's Top Players to work. Without his help I wouldn't have finished it yet)
    NBK servers. For beta testing.
    Attached Files
    File Type: zip ZPSDisplayer.zip (17.9 KB, 1597 views)
    File Type: txt zpsdisplayer.phrases.txt (911 Bytes, 411 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (zpsdisplayer.sp - 1003 views - 21.5 KB)
    File Type: txt zpsinfectiontoolkit.txt (128 Bytes, 446 views)

    Last edited by psychonic; 03-23-2010 at 12:25. Reason: Reason: changed "game" field to newly created ZPS category
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    Chaos Llama
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    Old 07-08-2009 , 01:54   Re: ZPS Displayer
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    Cool plugin.

    Does this increase server load?
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    Old 07-08-2009 , 07:44   Re: ZPS Displayer
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    I have a prob

    L 07/08/2009 - 13:43:15: [SM] Native "HookEvent" reported: Game event "ambient_play" does not exist
    L 07/08/2009 - 13:43:15: [SM] Displaying call stack trace for plugin "zpsdisplayer.smx":
    L 07/08/2009 - 13:43:15: [SM] [0] Line 72, zpsdisplayer.sp::OnPluginStart()
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    Old 07-08-2009 , 09:16   Re: ZPS Displayer
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    This is for the mod Zombie Panic Source only. There was no option of it so I had to leave at any.
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    Old 07-08-2009 , 09:50   Re: ZPS Displayer
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    Ups Sorry
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    Old 07-08-2009 , 20:58   Re: ZPS Displayer
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    CAnt get this to work. Loads fine but i get the following error:

    L 07/08/2009 - 19:54:14: SourceMod error session started
    L 07/08/2009 - 19:54:14: Info (map "zpo_harvest") (file "errors_20090708.log")
    L 07/08/2009 - 19:54:14: [SM] Native "Format" reported: Client index 14 is invalid
    L 07/08/2009 - 19:54:14: [SM] Displaying call stack trace for plugin "zpsdisplayer.smx":
    L 07/08/2009 - 19:54:14: [SM] [0] Line 290, zpsdisplayer.sp::ReDisplayStats()
    L 07/08/2009 - 19:54:14: [SM] [1] Line 573, zpsdisplayer.sp::ClientDisplayTimer()
    L 07/08/2009 - 20:22:04: Error log file session closed.
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    Old 07-08-2009 , 21:23   Re: ZPS Displayer
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    Old 07-09-2009 , 04:09   Re: ZPS Displayer
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    looks very cool - can you provide support for CS:S as well? So that at the end of each round the top 5 damager are shown at the top of the screen for some seconds?

    That would be great ...
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    Old 07-22-2009 , 13:03   Re: ZPS Displayer
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    Probably. CS:S would be even easier and would me smother since it provides the dmg in the player_hurt event.
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    Old 07-22-2009 , 21:23   Re: ZPS Displayer
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    doesnīt work for me
    no errors, plugin runs but does nothing
    all with default settings
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