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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Vampire Slayer        Category:   General Purpose        Approver:   Hawk552 (427)
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Old 06-16-2009 , 10:26   VS_Afion
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Here's my first plugin

With the somewhat semi-revival of VS and VSMasters I decided to try and improve some of the lesser aspects of this great mod. Since I'm pretty new to this, I read a lot of plugins on these forums to get some ideas for my own and solutions for scripting problems. The KS system is based on the ATAC teamkill plugin and the plugin I started with is vs_stats from EKS. It helped me a lot in the beginning but I ended up deleting almost everything from the vs_stats plugin and now there's not even any stats left

This plugin isn't finished yet but i needed a place to post it since some ppl were asking for it. Since I'm pretty much a noob at scripting, I wouldn't be suprised if certain things could have been done in a better way. So if you spot anything that should have been done some other way, plz say so. Any help is appreciated.


This is a plugin for the Half-Life mod Vampire-Slayer Chapter VI by RouteTwo.
It's functions are:

- Removing the limbshot function. Slayers will always die, even when hit on their arms or legs.
- Admins can force players to change team. This is does not always work because even when autobalance is disabled, a certain team can be full and impossible to add a new player.
- KO and vamp stakes notifications.
- KS system (KS=KillSteal, when a slayer knocked down a vamp and another slayer stakes him)
* A vamp you knocked down will glow green.
* A vamp someone else knocked down will glow red.
* You can allow ppl to KS if you flash you light, all vamps you have knocked down at that moment will glow blue to all slayers.
* KS punishment menu that appears to victims of a KS when they didn't allow it.
- Gather(scrim) option that disables the KS punishment. All kocked down vamps will glow white.


- fakemeta
- regex
- engine
- fun


- vsa_transfertovamp <PlayerID> Transfers player to the Vampire team
- vsa_transfertoslayer <PlayerID> Transfers player to the Slayer team
- vsa_transfertospec <PlayerID> Transfers player to Spectator (There is no spectator function in VS. Players get transfered to the class selection screen. As long as they don't choose a class they will not spawn at a new round.)
- vsa_gather Gather settings. 0=Disabled 1=enabled
- say /glow Toggles the glow function. Players with /glow disabled will not see the glow.


- Adding menu's for all commands.
- Adding more commands to enable/disable certain functions.
- A complete gather system with team choosing, keeping track of score and automatic team switch.
- Whatever request comes in.
- ...


- When a players name matches a part of another players name the KO and RES events don't recognise the player with the shortest name. Problem lies with cmd_target.


- 1.0b5
* First version posted on Alliedmods

- 1.0b6
* Switched "Kill" and "MyFrag" in the KSmenu to avoid more unwanted deaths when wanting to change weapon.
* Changed the way Slap KillStealer works. He will now get slapped with 1 hp every 0.3 sec untill he has 20hp and then after 2.5 sec he will get slapped to 1 hp.

Thanks to mAgu and clickOr for their work to revive VS.
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Old 06-16-2009 , 12:30   Re: vs_afion
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Did i see this plugin ever before? No

I suppose its good
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Old 06-30-2009 , 10:48   Re: VS_Afion
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It is a good plugin, a few bugs and the way you setup cmd_target is weird...

1st Suggestion: Make this Multilingual [ML]
2nd Suggestion: Im pretty sure you can make the module usuage a little shorter. About 5 modules necessary

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Old 07-01-2009 , 17:43   Re: VS_Afion
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Modification: ALL

This is a plugin for the Half-Life mod Vampire-Slayer Chapter VI by RouteTwo.
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Old 08-14-2009 , 16:34   Re: VS_Afion
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There are a few mistakes and optimizations that can be made, however it is acceptable.

If you would like any information regarding possible adjustments you could make or things you could do to make this better, please feel free to post here or PM me.

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Old 08-26-2009 , 09:28   Re: VS_Afion
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second plugin for vampire slayer.. yay
All my lifetime work is there (includin private big ass plugins and stuff) https://github.com/tutyamxx

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