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[DoD:S] Unlimited grenades

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Day of Defeat: Source
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    Training in grenades (Light and support)
    Old 06-12-2009 , 09:42   [DoD:S] Unlimited grenades
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    Training in grenades (Light and support) is now possible. You start with the number of grenades which you wish, and you always have the possibility to have it the others.

    Only TRAIN with frag admin enable
    Only CURRENT GAME with frag admin disable (choose a reasonable number of grenades to play)

    Variables CVAR :
       uf_Frag_Enable = CreateConVar("sm_dod_frag_enable", "1", "Enable/disable DoD:S Unlimited Grenades", FCVAR_PLUGIN)
       uf_Frag_Admin_Enable = CreateConVar("sm_dod_frag_admin_enable", "0", "Only admins can have grenades and more... 1/0", FCVAR_PLUGIN)
       uf_Frag_Grenades = CreateConVar("sm_dod_frag_grenades_count", "5", "Set number of Frag grenades - Mini 1", FCVAR_PLUGIN)
       uf_Rifle_Grenades = CreateConVar("sm_dod_Rifle_grenades_count", "5", "Set number of Rifle grenades - Mini 1", FCVAR_PLUGIN)
       uf_Frag_Bazooka = CreateConVar("sm_dod_Bazooka_grenades_count", "5", "Set number of Frag bazooka - Mini 1", FCVAR_PLUGIN)
       uf_Curent_Game_Enable = CreateConVar("sm_dod_Curent_Game_Enable", "0", "Set speed and reload of players with the command !speed and !frag in current game - 1: Normaly speed and no reload grenades - 0: Speed player and can reload grenades", FCVAR_PLUGIN)
       uf_Movement_Player = CreateConVar("sm_dod_movement_Player", "1.5", "Set speed of players with the command !speed", FCVAR_PLUGIN)
    Commands :
    - !Frag : Have supplementary grenades
    - !Speed : increase your speed of movement to look where falls your grenade
    - !Noclip (Only for admins) : Mod No Clip to move more quickly

    Installation :
    - Put sm_unlimited_grenades.smx in "dod/addons/sourcemod/plugins"
    - Relaunch the server

    SourceMod Script
    Developed by Misery
    MAY 2009

    - No bug

    this plugin was creates for a long time, it has no known bug and already works on numerous servers. Her author wishes to make it share to the community, but will make modifications above only if need be.


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    Old 11-22-2009 , 12:46   Re: [DoD:S] Unlimited grenades
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    I need an plugin like those with some changes...
    I don't want to change the number of ammo and granades. I would like tap "!frag", and reloaded all my granades again, by the way this command only will be used by admin on server
    And I would like the granades of Light, be like the original, been shooted.

    Someone can make this changes?
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