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Server Messages by Leon McVeran

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Leon M.
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Old 04-24-2009 , 12:32   Server Messages by Leon McVeran
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Server Messages v1.5 by Leon McVeran

Content of Server Messages
This plugin is not really a new idea. You can download similar plugins on https://forums.alliedmods.net or on www.amxmodx.org. Server Messages shows important messages, informations or rules on clients. You can add a messages in different languages into a file (server_messages.txt). The using of a consecutive numbers is required. You can also send a custom messages to a specific client or group.

Special thanks to the members of "Alliedmods - Forum" for some suggestions and solutions.

Please don't PM me to request for a version with the tutor. The distribution of this files are not allowed. I will create some new files to release a version with the tutor, please be patient.

Valid values for @group (with case ignoring)
- for all players: @A or @ALL
- for all CTs: @C, @CT or @COUNTER
- for all Ts: @T, @TE, @TERROR or @TERRORIST

amx_print_custom <authid, nick, @group or #userid> <your message> [optional: <mode>]
- shows a custom message (default: mode - 4) (e.g. "amx_print_custom @T "You are a terrorist" " will shown "You are a terrorist" to all terrorists)

amx_print_msg <authid, nick, @group or #userid> <msg number> [optional: <mode>]
- shows a specific message from the server_messages.txt (default depends on sm_msg_mode) (e.g. "amx_print_msg @ALL 1" will shown SERVER_MSG_1 to all clients)

amx_print_rule <authid, nick, @group or #userid> <rule number> [optional: <mode>]
- shows a specific rule from the server_messages.txt (default depends on sm_rule_mode) (e.g. "amx_print_rule @CT 2" will shown SERVER_RULE_2 to all counter terrorists)

amx_print_info <authid, nick, @group or #userid> <info number> [optional: <mode>]
- shows a specific information from the server_messages.txt (default depends on sm_info_mode) (e.g. "amx_print_info Leon 3" will shown SERVER_INFO_3 to me [Leon])

- lists all messages from the server_messages.txt into the console

- lists all rules from the server_messages.txt into the console

- lists all informations from the server_messages.txt into the console

sm_msg_mode "3"
- print location of the messages (0 - console, 1 - chat, 2 - center, 3 - hud)

sm_rule_mode "2"
- print location of the rules

sm_info_mode "2"
- print location of the informations

sm_msg_show "1"
- display automatically the messages from the server_messages.txt

sm_rule_show "1"
- display automatically the rules from the server_messages.txt

sm_info_show "1"
- display automatically the informations from the server_messages.txt

sm_min_activity "4320"
- clients who are longer played than the specified minutes, will not receive the automatically messages. Set sm_min_activity to 0 to disable this feature.

sm_show_frequency "15"
- time in seconds between 2 automatically messages

sm_show_skip "2"
- skip a group of clients who shouldn't receive an automatically message (0 - skip no players, 1 - skip dead players, 2 or higher - skip live players)

sm_show_time "8"
- duration in seconds of a tutor and hud messages

v1.0alpha (9.Apr.2009)
Start of this project

v1.0beta (22.Apr.2009)
Added: - messages in tutor-style (imported function from Condition Zero)

v1.0 (24.Apr.2009)
Added: - a function to shown random messages to dead players
Improved: - check if exists a messages (If we reached the second language the check will be aborted.)

v1.1 (27.Apr.2009)
Bugfixed: - a small fault in the "cmd_server_list"-function
Added: - a new CVAR "server_rule_prefix" to add a prefix on server rules
- now you can set a different mode and style in the commands amx_server_... instead of using the default settings
- using of the nvault database to determine player who visit the server first time. for this players will be replaced the tutor messages (mode 4) with hud messages (mode 3). set the CVAR "server_restart_msg" to 1 to show a message on affected players after they joined a team.
Improved: - using of MSG_ONE_UNREALIBLE instead of MSG_ONE (Thanks xPaw)

v1.2 (5.May.2009)
Bugfixed: - If you used one of the "amx_list_..." commands you got a channel overflow
Improved: - the automatically messages will be shown randomly
- some other functions to improve the cpu performance

v1.3 (12.Jun.2009)
Added: - some placeholders, which you can use in the server_messages.txt (#hostname#, #playername#, #nextmap#, #currentmap#, #time#, #timeleft#, #playtime#)
- a new CVAR "server_force_playback" to force playback of the sounds from tutor

v1.3a (25.Jun.2009)
Removed: - an additional admin-rights check caused of some problems with the cmd_access.ini

v1.4 (22.Sep.2009)
Completely revising of the project to increase the performance. In addition some CVAR's and commands have been renamed because their functions were changed. You will find some remarks to the new CVAR's and commands in the sections "CVARs" and "Commands".

v1.4a (23.Oct.2009)
Bugfixed: - Added a check on the Remove_TutorMsg-function to solve an fatal error.

v1.5 (24.Oct.2009)
Removed: - All stuff about the tutor (It should not allowed to distribute this content)

- nothing ;-)

Q: Can I add more messages/rules/informations?
A: Yes of course, open the server_messages.txt (../cstrike/addons/amxmodx/data/lang) and add your message/rule/information. Three things are very important, if you ignore them it could result in an error.
1. You must use a consecutive numbering. If you would like to add a new rule and it is exists SERVER_RULE_1, SERVER_RULE_2 and SERVER_RULE_3, you must begin your new rule with SERVER_RULE_4. Example: SERVER_RULE_4 = Bugusing are not allowed.
2. You can use maximal 256 chars, for chat and tutor messages maximal 180 chars.
3. You must add this rule to every language key

Q: How I can add the mapname, playername or servername to the messages?
A: You can use in the messages one of the following placeholders. All placeholders without quotes.
"#hostname#" - Name of the server, "#playername#" - Name of the player who got the message, "#nextmap#" - Name of the next map (required nextmap.amxx), "#currentmap#" - Name of the current map (required nextmap.amxx), "#time#" - Current date and time, "#timeleft#" - Left time until mapchange, "#playtime#" - Session time of the player who got the message

Q: I want to use russian, chinese or an other language which are not displayed. What can I do?
A: One of these post can help you. Post 1 Post 2

Have fun!

Previous Versions - unknown

v1.3a - round about 1100 times

v1.4 and v1.4a - round about 240 times
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File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (server_messages.sma - 7785 views - 28.2 KB)
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Old 04-24-2009 , 12:35   Re: Server Messages by Leon McVeran
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AMXX file removed. Don't upload it again

Also removed the ZTMP from the ZIP file, those aren't needed
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Old 04-24-2009 , 13:02   Re: Server Messages by Leon McVeran
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Those CZ-like messages look incredibly elegant. Hopefully you will find a method to get rid of the restart thing, I'd definitely use it.
In Flames we trust!
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Old 04-24-2009 , 13:05   Re: Server Messages by Leon McVeran
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Good job! ;)

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Old 04-24-2009 , 13:26   Re: Server Messages by Leon McVeran
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GJ dude.
But what is : "tutor"
for the cvar ... : server_msg_style a didnt actually understand evrything... can you expain in simple ?
+karma ..
//Not english//
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Old 04-24-2009 , 13:45   Re: Server Messages by Leon McVeran
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Maybe skrins?
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Old 04-24-2009, 13:45
This message has been deleted by edga85. Reason: There is picture
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Old 04-24-2009 , 14:10   Re: Server Messages by Leon McVeran
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pl version
SERVER_MSG_1 = Tutaj musisz wpisac swoja wiadomosc zajrzyj do pliku ''server_messages.txt''.\n i dodaj tekst.
SERVER_MSG_2 = Siema.
SERVER_MSG_3 = Leon jest tutaj.\nMilego dnia.

SERVER_RULE_1 = Oszukiwanie zakonczy sie banem na zawsze.
SERVER_RULE_2 = Nie udezamy, ani nie zabijamy swoich.\nNie fleshujemy swoich oraz nie kampimy.
SERVER_RULE_3 = Pamietaj admin ma zawsze racje.\nPrzestrzegaj regulaminu!

SERVER_INFO_1 = (TO JEST PRZYKLADOWA INFORMACJA) Zapraszamy na:^nwww.xxxx-xxxxxxx.pl
SERVER_INFO_2 = (TO JEST PRZYKLADOWA INFORMACJA nr2) Zapraszamy na:^nwww.xxxx-xxxxxxx.pl
SERVER_INFO_3 = (TO JEST PRZYKLADOWA INFORMACJA nr3) Nowe ip serwera TP ****.****.****.**** ZAPISZ!

MSG_NO_ACCESS = [AMXX] Nie masz dostepu do tej komendy.
MSG_NO_CLIENT = [AMXX] Nie znaleziono gracza.
MSG_ERROR_SEARCH = [BLAD] Nie moge znalezc takiego parametru.
MSG_ERROR_NUMBER = [BLAD] Pierwszy parametr musi byc liczba. Wpisz ''amx_server_help'' aby uzyskac wiecej informacji.
MSG_ERROR_FILE = [BLAD] Nie znaleziono pliku. (%s)
MSG_ERROR_TEXT = [BLAD] Brak wiadomosci. Wpisz ''amx_server_help'' aby uzyskac wiecej informacji.
MSG_PRINT_LOG = Admin %s uzyl komendy ''%s %s %s''.
MSG_SEND_LOG = Admin %s wyslal %s wiadomosc. ^nWiadomosc: ''%s'' ^nSposob: ''%i'' ^nStyl: ''%i''.
MSG_START_INFO_LISTING = Wazne informacje serwerowe
btw. thx for this plugin
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Old 04-24-2009 , 14:11   Re: Server Messages by Leon McVeran
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Here is the Dutch translation:

SERVER_MSG_1 = Je zou een paar berichten in het bestand ''server_messages.txt'' plaatsen.\nLees de handleiding.
SERVER_MSG_2 = Hallo wereld.
SERVER_MSG_3 = Leon was hier.\nNog een prettige dag.
SERVER_RULE_1 = Cheaten word niet getolereerd en zal leiden naar een ban.
SERVER_RULE_2 = Teamaanvallers en Teamvermoorders zijn niet toegestaan.\nTeamverblinden en kamperen ook niet.
SERVER_RULE_3 = Je moet de instructies en de regels van de admin volgen.\nAnders kan je verbannen worden.
SERVER_INFO_1 = Download ons muziekpak van^nwww.xxxx-xxxxxxx.de
SERVER_INFO_2 = Bezoek ons forum op^nwww.xxxx-xxxxxx.net
SERVER_INFO_3 = Attentie! Dit server adres zal volgende week veranderd worden!/nVoor meer details, bezoek ons forum op^nwww.xxxx-xxxxxx.net.\nNieuw IP is **.**.***:*******
MSG_NO_ACCESS = [AMXX] Je hebt geen toegang tot dat commando.
MSG_NO_CLIENT = [AMXX] Geen speler gevonden.
MSG_ERROR_SEARCH = [ERROR] Kan de parameter van de speler niet vinden.
MSG_ERROR_NUMBER = [ERROR] Tweede parameter moet een getal zijn. Haal ''amx_server_help'' boven om de helppagina te weergeven.
MSG_ERROR_FILE = [ERROR] Document niet gevonden. (%s)
MSG_ERROR_TEXT = [ERROR] Bericht niet gevonden. Haal ''amx_server_help'' boven om de helppagina te weergeven.
MSG_PRINT_LOG = Admin %s gebruikte het commando ''%s %s %s''.
MSG_SEND_LOG = Admin %s stuurde een bericht naar %s. ^nBericht: ''%s'' ^nModus: ''%i'' ^nStijl: ''%i''.
MSG_START_MSG_LISTING = Server Berichten
MSG_START_INFO_LISTING = Server Informatie
And also:

MSG_NO_CLIENT = [AMXX] None player found.
i think it should be

MSG_NO_CLIENT = [AMXX] No players found.

MSG_NO_CLIENT = [AMXX] No player with that name found.
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Old 04-24-2009 , 15:18   Re: Server Messages by Leon McVeran
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SERVER_MSG_1 = Puedes agregar Mensajes al archivo ''server_messages.txt''.\nLee el Manual.
SERVER_MSG_2 = Hola Mundo.
SERVER_MSG_3 = Leon estubo aqui.\nQue tengas un Buen Dia

SERVER_RULE_1 = El uso de Cheats/Hacks tiene de Sancion un Ban Permanente.
SERVER_RULE_2 = Atacar o Matar a tus amigos no esta Permitido.\nTambien el Teamflashing (Flashbang al Team) y Camping
SERVER_RULE_3 = Debes seguir las Intrucciones de los Admins.\nDe lo contrario, seras sancionado con un Ban.

SERVER_INFO_1 = Descarge nuestro Pack de Sonidos en ^nwww.xxxx-xxxxxxx.de
SERVER_INFO_2 = Visita nuestro Foro en ^nwww.xxxx-xxxxxx.net
SERVER_INFO_3 = Atencion! El Hostname del Server sera cambiado la Proxima Semana\nPara mas Detalles, visita nuestro foro en ^nwww.xxxx-xxxxxx.net.\nLa Nueva IP es **.**.***:*******

MSG_NO_ACCESS = [AMXX] No tienes acceso a este Comando.
MSG_NO_CLIENT = [AMXX] Ningun jugador encontrado.
MSG_ERROR_SEARCH = [ERROR] No se puede establecer el parámetro de búsqueda.
MSG_ERROR_NUMBER = [ERROR] El Segundo parametro debe tener un Numero. Ejecuta (en consola) ''amx_server_help'' para ver los usos.
MSG_ERROR_FILE = [ERROR] Archivo no encontrado. (%s)
MSG_ERROR_TEXT = [ERROR] Mensaje no encontrado. Ejecuta (en consola) ''amx_server_help'' para ver su uso.
MSG_PRINT_LOG = Admin %s uso el comando ''%s %s %s''.
MSG_SEND_LOG = Admin %s envio %s un mensaje. ^nMsg: ''%s'' ^nModo: ''%i'' ^nEstilo: ''%i''.
MSG_START_MSG_LISTING = Mensajes del Servidor
MSG_START_RULE_LISTING = Reglas del Servidor
MSG_START_INFO_LISTING = Informacion del Servidor
Originally Posted by joropito View Post
You're right Metalicross
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Old 04-24-2009 , 15:33   Re: Server Messages by Leon McVeran
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Nice but see the attach

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