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Gravity Fight 0.7.4 [GF]

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Counter-Strike        Category:   Gameplay        Approver:   Exolent[jNr] (178)
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Old 04-06-2009 , 12:44   Gravity Fight 0.7.4 [GF]
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- Description -

Gravity Fight is a FreeForAll Deathmatch type server side modification for Counter-Strike, that requires shooting and flying skills to beat your opponents.

- Gameplay -

After you connect you're automatically forced to join the Counter-Terrorist team. You cant join Terrorists. The objective is to kill all players. On round start you're invisible until freezetime and protection time ends. Your ammo is stored in Clip, not in backpack, so you don't have to worry about reloading weapons. You have to collect Boxes to get items, ammo and abilities. Abilities last until for certain time or until a new box spawns if the time isn't defined. To boost yourself up you have to shoot with any pistol. There are 2 pistols that push you aways instead of boosting you( P228 and Glock18 ). Every pistol has it's own boosting power. To slowdown in air while you're falling you have to shoot with any primary weapon. Usually it takes a second to change weapons. Sometimes all will depend on that one second, so if you know you'll not manage to take out your primary weapon in time, you can use knife to lower your fall damage 10 times. There is a round timer. When it ends, everyone is slayed and the game is draw. The round ends when there is only one player left and the winner is announced.

- Recommendations -

*Don't use ATAC
*Restrict Grenades

- Detailed Info -

Now you can change the grenade detonation time using the Right mouse button.
Everyone starts with the Starting Health(Def: 125). You're invisible and invincible for Freezetime + Protections time seconds. You get the start weapons(defined by cvar), and free ammo for them.
Every round you get extra money(Def: 1000$).
For every win and kill you get extra money(Def: Win - 500$, Kill - 500$).
You cant see your teammate names aiming at them, or see their location in radar. Teamkill and Teamattack messages are blocked.
After the winner has been determined there is a round restart and the scores are saved to be restored at the next spawn.
Game Commencing/RoundRestart/RoundDraw messages and sounds are blocked. Changing teams is blocked.
If you have a nade when you die, you'll drop it armed. If you have 2 or more nades you'll drop only one depending on their priority:

*HE Grenade
*Floating Pusher Grenade
*Pusher Grenade/Flashbang

The grenades are thrown instantly, so you wouldn't fall down and break your thin legs. They explode after 1.5 seconds.
If you have hit someone with a grenade, you'll be warned about it.

If you collect a box with Extra Health powerup and your health goes over the Starting Health, it'll slowly decrease until it reaches Starting Health.
Norecoil is On. Even if there are decals, actually you hit exactly in the middle of your crosshair.
You cant spawn after you have joined the game and the freezetime is over.

- Cvars -

gf_shootair_float <0/1> <Will you slowdown shooting in air with primary weapons> <Def: 1>
gf_shootair_float_amount <0.0 - 1.0> <How much percent(0.0 = 0/1.0 = 100) of your falling velocity you'll retain> <Def: 0.5>

gf_grenade_min_det_time <##> <Min detonation time you can set using your Right mouse button> <Def: 1.0>
gf_grenade_def_det_time <##> <Default detonation time you that's automatically set when you join the game or throw a grenade> <Def: 3.0>
gf_grenade_max_det_time <##> <Max detonation time you can set using your Right mouse button> <Def: 5.0>

gf_start_health <####> <How much health you'll get when you spawn> <Def: 125.0>
gf_max_health <####> <How much health you can get collecting Health Pack, it wont go over this number> <Def: 200.0>

gf_grenade_range <####> <Grenade Range> <Def: 400.0>
gf_grenade_glowtime <##> <How long will player glow after he has been hit by a grenade> <Def: 2.0>

gf_knife_multi <0.0 - ##> <Damage multiplier when you hold knife in your hands. 0.0 - no damage, 0.1 - 10 times lower damage, 1.0 - normal damage, 2.0 - double damage> <Def: 0.1>

gf_hegren_maxdmg <####> <Max damage you can get from a HE grenade> <Def: 200.0>
gf_smoke_pushstr <####> <Force with which Floating Pusher Grenade will push you away if you get hit> <Def: 200.0>
gf_flash_pushstr <####> <Force with which Pusher Grenade will push you away if you get hit> <Def: 200.0>

gf_moneyperround <#####> <How much money you'll get per round> <Def: 1000>
gf_moneyperkill <#####> <How much money you'll get per kill> <Def: 500>
gf_moneyperwin <#####> <How much money you'll get per win> <Def: 500>

gf_item_respawn_time <###> <Box respawn time> <Def: 15.0>
gf_item_fade_amt <0 - 255> <Flash/Fade amount after you collect a box> <Def: 32>

gf_item_gravity_grav <0.0 - 1.0> <How much gravity you'll get after you have collected the Low Gravity powerup> <Def: 0.5>
gf_item_health_hp <####> <How much HP you'll get after you have collected the Extra Health powerup> <Def: 100>
gf_item_money_small <#####> <How much money you'll get after collecting the Small Money Pack> <Def: 1225>
gf_item_money_large <#####> <How much money you'll get after collecting the Large Money Pack> <Def: 2500>
gf_item_health_take <###> <How much health will Health Reduce item take from the player who obtains it> <Def: 25.0>

gf_survive_time <##:##> <Time you need to survive. First number before ":" is minutes, the second one is seconds. Please try to keep seconds under 60> <Def: 20>
gf_protection_time <##> <Time after freezetime you'll still be protected> <Def: 2.0>
gf_immortality_time <##> <Time you'll be immortal after you've collected the Immortality powerup> <Def: 10.0>

gf_start_weapons <weapon1;weapon2;...> <Weapons you get when you spawn. Knife must be in there too. Max 10> <Def: weapon_knife;weapon_usp;weapon_famas>

For more info about weapons check out this:
- Boxes -

Boxes spawn every ## seconds(Def: 15). They emit a red light, so you would easily see them. Boxes contain items, power ups/abilities. When you collect a box your screen fades green for a second. There can only be one box at a time. It wont start respawning until someone collects it.

Box Items:

*High Explosive Grenade - Just like a HE grenade, but with a larger explosion range. Red tail, wave and glow.
*Floating Pusher Grenade - Just like a Pusher Grenade, but it stays where you drop it, even in air. Green tail, wave and glow.
*Pusher Grenade - After explosion you'll be pushed away with big force from the grenade. Blue tail, wave and glow.
*FlashBang - Just like a normal Flashbang, but with a larger range. White tail, wave, glow and flash.
*Large and Small Money Packs - Gives you money depending on pack size. Default: Small - 1225, Large - 2500.
*Free Ammo - Fills all your weapon clips.
*Weapon - Gives you a random weapon(includes Terrorist weapons).
*Health Reduce - You'll lose health defined by a cvar.
*Strip Current Weapon - You current weapon will be stripped.
*Teleport - You'll be teleported to another box spawn. Flare effect and sound.

Power Ups:

*Health Pack - Gives you +100hp. Your health cannot go over Maxhealth(Def: 200).
*Immortality - You wont be affected by any kind of damage. Lasts ## seconds(Def: 10).
*No Fall Damage - You wont be affected by fall damage. Lasts until a new box spawns.
*Low Gravity - Your gravity decreases 2 times(400). Lasts until a new crate spawns.
*Double Damage - You damage done to enemies is doubled.

- Adding Box Spawns -

You can add box spawns yourself in any map you like.
You have to open admins menu by typing - "/gfcfg" in chat. Only admins with ADMIN_CFG access("f" flag) can access the menu.
When you open the menu, it spawn 50% visible boxes on every spawn. If you select a box it'll glow red so you know which spawn you've selected.

Box coordinates are saved in "configs/gf/mapname.ini".

- Installation -

*Put contents of "gf.zip" in "cstrike" directory.
*Put "gf.amxx" in "amxmodx/plugins" directory.

- Maps -

I even made a map for this mod, even if it's, probably, not worth it. Screens of my map can be viewed below. You can play this mod in any map, just make spawn points.

- Future Plans -


- Notes -

I know the gameplay isn't really good. Some of you will like it, some of you wont. I made it so i and some of my friends could play it in a private server, but i decided to share. I never triple check the code for extra optimizations. I would appreciate any ideas and suggestions how to optimize my code. Even if the name isn't the most appropriate, but i just love the logo on top of this topic.

- Screenshots -


- Changelog -

*Initial Release

* Changed if's to switch in blockMsgs and playerTouch.
* Changed all cvars to pcvars.

* Fixed issues with set_pcvar_num.
* Fixed the switch problem i made.. didn't block teamattack warnings anymore.

* Added 6 new cvars.
* Added 4 new box items.
* Added 1 new sound and a sprite.
* Added an ability for players to set their own grenade detonate time.
* Fixed the bug, when you win, the round timer ends, but you still get slayed.
* Fixed the bug, when there are no origins, it shows "0 origins loaded" instead of "can't find origins".
* Optimized the code a little.
* Added 2 pistols that push you away instead of boost you towards where you aim(P228 and Glock18).

* Fixed a bug with oldstyle buymenu. Buying ammo server crashed.
* Fixed a bug if you get c4 it's automatically taken away.
* Fixed a bug when you don't get free ammo if your money is below 25$.
* Added a small white flash when you kill someone.

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Old 04-06-2009 , 12:59   Re: Gravity Fight 0.7 [GF]
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Oh my fucking GOD!!
You are great and you make really awsome plugins!!!
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Old 04-06-2009 , 13:34   Re: Gravity Fight 0.7 [GF]
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Old 04-06-2009 , 13:40   Re: Gravity Fight 0.7 [GF]
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.rar .zip

Friggin awesome job man!
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.rar .zip
Done .
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Feels like all possible mods are already done, but I was wrong. GW.
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Originally Posted by SnoW View Post
Feels like all possible mods are already done, but I was wrong. GW.

not really...

ON: nice job man
All my lifetime work is there (includin private big ass plugins and stuff) https://github.com/tutyamxx

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Oh man it looks great. I can't wait when i will have possibility to try it
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Old 04-06-2009 , 14:40   Re: Gravity Fight 0.7 [GF]
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Use pcvars for all cvars
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Fixed, thanks.
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