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Wall Text

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Old 04-03-2009 , 23:42   Wall Text
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Wall Text

This plugin converts chat messages to decals and paints them on the wall. You are limited to capital A-Z and 0-9.

Messages are repainted on client connect and new round.

amx_walltext "I am using walltext yay"
If you don't want to use the menu, you can use this.

amx_walltextmenu or say walltextmenu
This brings up a menu to control the plugin.

Note: Deleted or unsaved decals will disappear on new round.
Special Features:

You can do multiline messages:
Put a comma ( , ) to move down to the next line.

You can display dynamic text:
Edit the walltext-mapname.ini file. Instead of your regular message, type the full path of a text file you want the plugin to read. It will only read the first line and use that as your message.

Note: The path to your file starts in the 'cstrike' directory. To display the first line of your motd.txt, use motd.txt as your message.
The plugin will save messages to:

This is the format:
( Origin XYZ, Direction XYZ, Text )
-2313.605468;-1173.158447;0.031257;0.000000;12.000000;0.000000;YOUR MESSAGE HERE
This one will print the first line of your motd.txt:

04/03/09 - v1.0
Initial release.

04/04/09 - v1.01

04/04/09 - v1.02
Removed decal_reset.sc event. DoD doesn't have it. O_o

04/04/09 - v1.03
New menu, say command, trivial changes.

04/07/09 - v1.04
Changed commands, should be simpler. Attempted to prevent The Specialists error. Still need to find an event for TS like new round.

06/27/09 - v1.05
Added for cstrike only: New menu option "Refresh Canvas" deletes unsaved messages.

06/28/09 - v1.06
Fixed incorrect code dealing with TE_WORLDDECAL and TE_WORLDDECALHIGH. This problem caused incompatibility with Sven Coop.

06/28/09 - v1.07
> 256 changed to > 255

07/13/09 - v1.08
HLTV event registered only if it exists, TFC didn't have it
Any mod with decal_reset.sc event gets a "Refresh Canvas" menu option

07/14/09 - v1.09
Added a slight delay for the "Refresh Canvas" option so the decals get drawn 0.2 seconds after they are erased

Cvars (Regular HL Cvars)
Brought to you by: http://scripting.elxdraco.net/cvarlist/
mp_decals 300
It sets the maximum decals* visible on the screen. It has to be set before connection to server. It's not the same as r_decals.

r_decals 4096
It sets the decals* limit. If higher than mp_decals, it will be set to mp_decals value (It's reset to mp_decals value when connecting to server). It's not the same as mp_decals.

*Spray logo, bullet holes, grenade scorch, blood on ground

Yes, the orientation of the decals depends on the textures of the map.
Please criticize my code, make suggestions, report bugs, and leave your opinion. Thanks!

v1.04 - 567
v1.05 - 35
v1.06 - 19
v1.07 - 326
v1.08 - 57
Attached Files
File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (wall_text.sma - 9805 views - 17.1 KB)

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Old 04-03-2009 , 23:55   Re: Wall Text
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Old 04-03-2009 , 23:56   Re: Wall Text
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Fuck Alejandro. I was about saying: First.

Nice, stupok. Taking a look at the code now.


I've looked at the code now. There isn't much to say. Its pretty straight forward, there's nothing to optimize i guess. The only think i can see that you can modify is in "CreateNewMessage()":

PHP Code:
fAimVector[0] = fAimVector[0] * 9999.0 fPlayerOrigin[0]
fAimVector[1] = fAimVector[1] * 9999.0 fPlayerOrigin[1]
fAimVector[2] = fAimVector[2] * 9999.0 fPlayerOrigin[2]
// execute traceline, grab normal vector and end position
new iTr create_tr2()
engfuncEngFunc_TraceLinefPlayerOriginfAimVectorIGNORE_MONSTERSidiTr )
get_tr2iTrTR_vecEndPosfAimOrigin )
get_tr2iTrTR_vecPlaneNormalfNormalVector )
Changing the 9999.0 to a closer, clearly visible, position, check if the trace "happened" and if don't say something like "You are too distant from a wall".

Nothing, really.

Edit 2:

What about cvars to change the colors/backgrounds of the printed characters?

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Old 04-04-2009 , 00:36   Re: Wall Text
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CS only btw
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Old 04-04-2009 , 00:50   Re: Wall Text
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Old 04-04-2009 , 02:01   Re: Wall Text
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Great idea for a plugin stupok.
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Old 04-04-2009 , 03:28   Re: Wall Text
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holy shit

nice job man
All my lifetime work is there (includin private big ass plugins and stuff) https://github.com/tutyamxx

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Old 04-04-2009, 03:40
This message has been deleted by Alucard^. Reason: sry, didnt see description at all
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Old 04-04-2009 , 03:44   Re: Wall Text
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man i am searching this type of plugin for a lot of time... something easy to put an advertising without use sprites or something like this...

just, i love it! The best advertising plugin
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Old 04-04-2009 , 04:13   Re: Wall Text
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Awesome, thanks you, I will test it now!

Good job
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Old 04-04-2009 , 05:21   Re: Wall Text
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Awesome! I <3 it!
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