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AFK Removal for IOS

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   International Online Soccer        Category:   General Purpose        Approver:   Johnny got his gun (102)
hello, i am pm
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Old 12-22-2004 , 15:40   AFK Removal for IOS
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Tired of AFKers?
This plugin will move them outside of the field so they don't interfere with the gameplay.

AMX Compatibility:
Download ios_afk.sma, open it, enable #define PLATFORM_AMX 1 on line 35 (remove the // ), compile.

XS Library to compile (sticky in Scripting Forum)
AMX: VexdUM module
AMXX: Engine module

ios_afk (1|0) - turns the plugin on / off

0.1: Initial release
- Hopefully fixed "spectator issue"
- Added say /c command in case movement detection does not work
- Added auto-kick after 45 seconds afk
- Improved info message when afk

HUGE thanks to Lucio for testing!!
Have fun!
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hello, i am pm
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Old 10-20-2008 , 11:55   Re: AFK Removal for IOS
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Glad to be the first one posting Very nice job ++karma. This really helped my server.
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