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FF Connect/Disconnect Messages

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Green Gaben
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General Purpose
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Fortress Forever
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    Removes the default connect/disconnect messages and adds new ones
    Old 03-03-2009 , 02:52   FF Connect/Disconnect Messages
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    - This plugin removes the default connect/disconnect messages and adds new ones.

    - The new messages show the clients Name, SteamID, Country, and IP Address.

    - The messages are colored for easy readability (colors only work for Fortress-Forever).

    - When players connect/disconnect a bell tone is played throughout the server.

    - Place the ConnectDisconnect.smx file inside of the addons/sourcemod/plugins/ folder.

    - [Geokill]: Helped test plugin and had ideas.
    - [PartialSchism]: Helped test plugin.

    Version 1.0 ( 03-03-2009 )
    -- Initial release.

    Version 1.1 ( 03-05-2009 )
    -- Optimized the SayText function so it no longer needs the extra name checks.
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (ConnectDisconnect.sp - 2391 views - 4.6 KB)

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    Old 03-03-2009 , 09:07   Re: FF Connect/Disconnect Messages
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    I'd often like to customize messages to include or exclude information.
    Will there be any future releases which will allow us to do so? (for example: exclude steamid and ip address but include name and country).
    What sound (file) is used for playing when a user joins. Maybe a cvar which allows the sound thats played (and downloaded, if people don't have it yet)?
    Perhaps even make different level of reports (including bans and steamid for the admins)?

    I'll test the plugin later tonight when I get home <.<
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