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[Hidden:Source] Carry the one

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The Hidden: Source
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    Carries unused weight points over to the next round.
    Old 10-14-2008 , 05:59   [Hidden:Source] Carry the one
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    Written for Hidden:Source Beta 4b

     * Hidden:SourceMod - Carry the one
     * Description:
     *  Carries IRIS's unused weighting points over to the next round if they are no choosen as hidden.
     * Associated Cvars:
     *  hdn_selectmethod [0/1/2] : The way the game chooses the next player. 0: Weighted, 1: Classing (Kill=Become), 2: Random. Default: 0
     *  hsm_ct1_keep [0~2] : existing weight to carry forward. 0: None (0%) Disables plugin, 1: Full (100%), 2 Doubles (200%). Default 1.
     *  hsm_ct1_purge [0/1] : purge weighting on map change? 0: Disabled, 1: Enabled. Default: 0
     * Changelog:
     *  v1.0.2
     *   Removed weight report print out and put it into separate plugin so servers can have it without the carry mechanism
     *  v1.0.1
     *   Removed outside possibility for a new player to inherit the most recently disconnected player's weighting.
     *   Exchanged atrophy for keep rate. While less cool sounding, I think it's more intuitive and the math is simpler.
     *   Allowed for doubling of existing chances. FEED BACK PLEASE!
     *  v1.0.0
     *   Initial Release.
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