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TF2 Auto Scramble Teams

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Team Fortress 2
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    Scrambles teams on map start.
    Old 09-09-2008 , 22:08   TF2 Auto Scramble Teams
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    This plugin automatically scrambles the teams 25sec's into the waiting for players/map start.

    Please Note:
    add: sm plugins unload ci_autoscramble.smx to your config_arena.cfg > \orangebox\tf\cfg. Plugin will reload on cp,ctf,pl,dom playmodes.

    Thanks to All the folks at SM
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (ci_autoscramble.sp - 3668 views - 965 Bytes)

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    Old 09-09-2008 , 22:15   Re: TF2 Auto Scramble Teams
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    Sounds like a nice idea!
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    Old 09-09-2008 , 22:24   Re: TF2 Auto Scramble Teams
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    i run a surf server and surf maps have no point whatsoever (there are some that can be capped) , and was wondering if its possible to make this plugin scramble the teams every so often (default: 10) mins. With maybe a message appearing "Scrambling teams in 5" -4 -3-2-1 then it does it

    sm_scramble_time 10 (10mins)
    sm_scramble_time 0 (disabled)

    Just a thought to keep a server interresting.
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    Old 09-10-2008 , 01:20   Re: TF2 Auto Scramble Teams
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    I was just wondering, without looking at the actual code myself, what does it do, just calls a cvar mp_scrambleteams when it execs?

    If it does, just a little tidbit of info, DO NOT use this plugin if you run mani admin. I found out the hard way. For whatever reason, on our servers, when we installed mani, if the cvar mp_scrambleteams is used, it hard crashes the server. Should be fine with any other admin plugin, just not mani. I asked the mani guys if there was a fix, but looks like their site is down now, they never came back with any info.

    Just for your INFO. If this plugin does not use that cvar to scramble them, then dont worry about it.
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    Old 09-10-2008 , 03:06   Re: TF2 Auto Scramble Teams
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    Theres got to be a way to turn this off in the code on arena maps only... This is the 2nd plugin that doesnt do this. Whats the point of scrambling them then if there is a cvar to only allow 1 more person than the other team? It has no idea whos good and who isnt.

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    Old 09-10-2008 , 03:17   Re: TF2 Auto Scramble Teams
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    new bool:IsArenaMode = false;
    public OnPluginStart()
         TFGameModeArena = FindConVar("tf_gamemode_arena");
    public OnMapStart()
         if (GetConVarInt(TFGameModeArena))
              IsArenaMode = true;
    Then run a logic statement based upon IsArenaMode.

    P.S. This works because the cvar is either a 1 or 0. If it's not in arena mode it's 0 or false, otherwise it's true.

    Last edited by Antithasys; 09-10-2008 at 03:34.
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    Lord Max
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    Old 09-10-2008 , 12:59   Re: TF2 Auto Scramble Teams
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    This like a good idea, if I had a pound every time the teams on my 100% crits server were uneven in that one team were newbies and the other team were pros I'd be a rich man.

    And when the server gets like that it spoils the fun. I've already had to put spawn protection on my server because with the pro gamers playing soldier, one could not exit the base.

    Anyway, I will be trying this out on one of my servers when I get my new desktop which has been ordered. (On a laptop that lacks the graphics to play TF2 at the moment)

    Thanks, I'll tell you how it went,

    Lord Max
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    Old 09-19-2008 , 13:58   Re: TF2 Auto Scramble Teams
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    We have been running this for while and it works quite nicely & gives a sense of fairness even if you do occasionally get a stacked team
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    Old 09-20-2008 , 09:25   Re: TF2 Auto Scramble Teams
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    so this only scrambles at the beginning of each map?

    is there a way to scramble teams after a certain amount of rounds?
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    Old 09-20-2008 , 14:03   Re: TF2 Auto Scramble Teams
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    I think scrambling the teram on each round can piss off a lot of people, imagine you just defend dustbowl for 20 minutes it scramble and you get to defend again pretty frustrating i guess.
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