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Power Votes Core

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Old 07-23-2008 , 21:11   Power Votes Core
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Democratic Voting and Map Management System

Power Votes Core is a map voting and custom voting plugin that is absolutely straight-forward and easy to use, looks great, has tons of features, and is fully customizable. It also sports a complete menu system. This works with all mods and has special support for Counter-Strike. Power Votes Core has been tested for more than three months and has been designed with user feedback. If you are all ready for it go ahead and do the quick install, you can get help ingame by saying vote help if you need it. Below is optional reading containing documentation on features and administration

Quick Features Overview
  • blacklisting
  • whitelisting
  • graylisting
  • countdown to map change
  • live voting statistics
  • total admin control
  • built-in traffic report widget
  • logging
  • smart map guessing logic
  • built-in map extension/shorten abilities
  • built-in nextmap and changelevel commands
  • menus for nearly everything
  • custom votes (Power Votes)
  • voting aliases
  • different map voting modes
  • map size and MOTD info
Quick Installation
1. Compile the powervotes.sma file and put the powervotes.amxx file in your /plugins directory.
2. Go into your /configs directory and add the line powervotes.amxx to your plugins.ini file.
The file configs/powervotes.ini is automatically generated and filled with all the maps you have on your server. Power Votes also can generate a full configs/maps.ini file for use with the AMX Mod X Main Menu if it does not exist yet. If you want a fresh maps.ini file remove the current one before installation. Need at least AMX Mod X 1.80 on your system.

Map Voting
You can do all voting from the menu, console, or chat. The main menu contains all the maps (with automatic categorization for popular Counter-Strike maps) that users can vote for.
Say vote <mapname> to enter your ballot, or vote extend to continue the map
You can also use map shortcuts such as #1 or nextmap
you can also leaveoff _ for spaces and leaveoff prefixes
Power Votes Core also has the ablity to guess what you want, just say bits of the map name and the system will try to match it
ex. vote glass zero will get you fy_glasstrap_zero
ex. vote mili will get cs_militia
ex. vote po da will get fy_pool_day (po da!)
If there is not a unique match, a menu with up to 20 entries of the closest matches pops up. By default Power Votes Core is configured for free voting. There are two other modes you can switch on to limit choices, Caucus mode and Soup of the Day mode. There are also the listing options you can employ.
Other options you can do with vote
vote # or quick - vote for maps already voted for
vote ? - shows the info ticker
vote #<1-32> - vote for currently voted maps in order of popularity
vote trash - throw vote away
vote maps - jump to maps menu
vote list <optional filter> <optional pg#> - printout a partial list of maps to HUD
vote stats - display mapvote statistics on HUD
vote info <mapname> - size and MOTD of map with estimated download time
vote bind - bind your P key to the main menu
Say vote to get to the main menu
You can do all this from console with command vote
Use listmaps in console to view more maps at once
All maps, stats, Power Votes and more can be had from the main menu
There is a full onscreen statistical system which displays itself periodically, a vote expiration system, and a pretty countdown when a new map has been voted in. Anyone saying rockthevote or mapvote from old voting systems will be shown the help screen. Power Votes Core will announce itself to players on how to begin along with displaying available Power Votes.
Two minutes before map end, a referendum is called displaying a list of all maps voted for as well as the next map and the extend option. This can be turned off via core configuration. Admins can call referendums anytime to collect votes.
The system can be configured to restrict the number of maps voted for in three different ways. Maps can be blacklisted so nobody can vote for them. There is also a whitelist feature, where voting can be restricted to only those maps. You can also explicitly specify maps that can only be voted for first by admins in the graylist.

Power Voting
These are the custom votes, totally definable by you. You can make the choices, and you can set the winning %. There are two stock Power Votes, a kick vote and a gravity vote. For Counter-Strike, there is a friendly fire vote too. As an administrator, you can add as many as you like.
To start a Power Vote: The easiest way is from the main menu, just say vote. Or you can cut to the chase and say vote <powervote>, ex vote gravity. Smart logic is added for votes that target users. The menu system will automatically popup a users selection list or you can cut to the chase and say vote <powervotename> <partial user name>, ex. vote kick sammy. To prevent abuse of votes that target people, the Vendetta Subsystem can enforce responsibility by making votes backfire.
Sessions: All users are displayed a menu with the choices listed and a statistical readout is displayed at the bottom to display the voting progress. Sessions last 12 seconds when at the end the result is displayed and carried out. Anyone except admins that starts a Power Votes session can't do so again for some time, preventing spamming .
Designing a Custom Power Vote: To design your own custom votes, you can feel out the syntax in powervotes.ini file or see the complete documentation. You get to set the name, alias, what happens and the percentage needed to win.
Admin Power Votes: You can define Power Votes that are accessible to admins only, ex. vote ban.
Abstain Reasons: As an admin you can add abstain reasons that people can select from the menu. You can turn abstaining off and on via core configuration.
Abstainer Snitch: People that don't bother to participate are snitched on. You can turn this feature off or on.

There is a built-in modular listmaps system that can display on console or HUD.
-Console Display
type listmaps in console. There are four ways to use this command
listmaps - displays first page
listmaps <pg#> - advance to this page
listmaps <filter> - A regular expression or some letters of the maps you want to display
listmaps <filter> <pg#> - If your filter returns more than one page, you can see the next page
You can enter this in chat or from console, both will display on HUD
vote list
vote list <pg#>
vote list <filter>
vote list <filter> <pg#>
All blacklisted maps do not appear in listmaps.

The CVar amx_powervotes comes with a configuration menu. It is already pre-configured with the best options. There are 23 options you can toggle on and off. See the complete documentation for explanations.

amx_powervotes_expiretime 15
Time until votes expire. Then come the termites, the fire ants, and the vicious time-travelling ninjas.
Zero to disable

amx_powervotes_extendtime 20
Time to extend the map on success. If the map is extended, then half of this value will be the time voting is under a soft lock.
Make zero to disable

amx_powervotes_abusethreshold 100
This is the base index of the anti-abuse/anti-annoy logic, make this higher if you feel it is tripped too often or too restrictive.

amx_powervotes_initsoftlocktime -7
How many minutes before a majority map vote will be recognized upon a new map.
The minutes must be negative. Zero to disable

amx_powervotes_initsessiontime -3
How many minutes before anyone will be able to call a Power Vote upon a new map.
The minutes must be negative. Zero to disable

amx_powervotes_sessiontime -5
How many minutes to wait until another Power Vote can be called. The minutes must be negative. You may set this to zero but I don't recommend it because people might go psycho casting votes

amx_powervotes_freezeouttime -10
For a particular user, how long they are denied the ability to start a Power Vote after they used their turn. The minutes must be negative.

amx_powervotes_showactivity 2
By default all admin activity is reported to clients. Conforms to amx_show_activity cvar behavior AMXX 1.80 standard

amx_powervotes_soupentries 7
For the Soup of the Day, this option defines the maximum number of maps to stick in the Soup of the Day. If Soup of the Day mode is enabled, voters may only choose these maps.

amx_powervotes_soupstaples 2
This is the maximum number of maps from the >staplefoods section you would like to always be in the "Soup".

amx_powervotes_statshue 200
This is the color of the stats listing at the upper right. This can be played within four different ways.
A) Constant color keep the value at least 0.0 and below 360.0
B) Totally random color keep the value below 0.0 and the system will randomize the colors for each stats display
C) Random per map the system will select a new color for each map if you place the value between 360.0 and less than 720.0.
D) Progressive color (rainbow) Place the value above 720.0 and the color will progress one-tenth of a degree upon each call to stats

Administrators can do a multitude of administrative tasks from the administration panel. They include
Map Extension
Call a Referendum
Change Map
Vote New Map
Change Nextmap
Lock/Unlock Users from voting
Open Power Vote Session
Halt Countdown
Lockdown (Toggle)
View Blacklist
View Graylist
View Whitelist
View Aliases
View Vendetta Status
Core Configuration
Rebuild Database

Map can be extended or shortened at will by saying vote extend <time in minutes, negative to shorten> ex. vote extend 15.

Nextmap can be set by saying vote nextmap <partial map name>.

Administrators also get alot of system goodies such as immunity from Vendetta and employee discounts on votes, and the ability to vote for graylisted maps.

Read the complete documentation for details on more commands.

Complete Documentation
The complete documentation covers how to do everything and gives full briefings on all commands. Anything not covered here is covered in the doc.
1. Getting Started
2. Vote Administration
3. Core Configuration - CVars
4. System Configuration - Includes details on adding whitelisting, blacklisting, whitelisting, aliases, abstain reasons, designing Power Votes, and customizing categories.
5. Console Administration
6. Other Notes - contains comments on Soup of the Day mode, the Anti-Abuse Subsystem, and examples of fun aliases, Power Votes and abstain reasons. Also a primer on how to use the filters and some listmap judo.
7,8,9 - Advanced stuff
See the attached document or the end of the sma file.

Fun Plugins for custom Power Votes
All Mods: Gib-Slay
Counter-Strike: amx_super
All Mods: Day Light
Counter-Strike: AWP2Scout
Counter-Strike Recommended: Gravity Crush (Attached)
Counter-Strike Recommended: Pistols Only (Attached)

Attachments: See below this for documentation and extra plugins

vote yams
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File Type: zip Power Votes Core 2008.zip (21.9 KB, 1026 views)
Power Votes Core << Democracy at your fingertips
Get Mortal Kombat Miscstats for CS

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Old 07-23-2008 , 21:14   Re: Power Votes Core
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Seems to be usefull, gj.
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Old 07-23-2008 , 21:16   Power Votes Core - Documentation & Extras
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The documentation is in the zip file
Attached Files
File Type: zip Power Votes Core 2008.zip (21.9 KB, 291 views)
File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (gravity_crush.sma - 1235 views - 2.8 KB)
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Power Votes Core << Democracy at your fingertips
Get Mortal Kombat Miscstats for CS
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Wow, great job. Crazy huge plugin. But it seems very complex for usage. As in no RTV, but a menu for power votes to pop up. I just did a quick go thru, and it seems easy but complex if u know what i mean. Im gonna try it out on one of me servers tho to see how it goes.
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Work with CS 1.6?
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It was tested for 3 mo he said, so I'd probably assume, yea

And I just tested it and it seems to work very nicely, just to general for specific servers using certain types of maps, unless theirs a way for that. The HUD's are very cool too MIght have to use some of that.
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Old 07-24-2008 , 01:33   Re: Power Votes Core
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That does look great. Also, it looks extremely useful.

Bmann, maybe we should look into this for some of our servers. If your test works out, this would be very nice to have.
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Old 07-24-2008 , 01:54   Re: Power Votes Core
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Yea, but most of the servers need to more secluded to a certain type of maps allowed to vote and whatnot. Like maps in the mapcycle and all the maps on the server. Thats what I was wondering if its definable to a certain amount of maps to be voted for or on a normal vote.
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Originally Posted by bmann_420 View Post
Yea, but most of the servers need to more secluded to a certain type of maps allowed to vote and whatnot. Like maps in the mapcycle and all the maps on the server. Thats what I was wondering if its definable to a certain amount of maps to be voted for or on a normal vote.

after powervotes.ini is created in your configs folder.
open and modify it as you desire. (remove those extra menues fy_maps de_maps.. etc etc...) then save and set access to 444 read only to insure it will not be automaticly modified by the plugin..

works really well for me.. hopping if RTV is implemented on this great plugin!

im switching from dmapmanager rtv maps to this plugin anyway, because the rtv dmapmanager plugin crashes the server from time to time!


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Cool plugin, I like It.
Originally Posted by wisam187
why all the great scriptors..... always.... leave and let their works go into oblivion ???
i miss your way in making outstanding plugins...
this forum needs lots of the likes of you..... and less of the idiots that spread right now.
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