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Player All Talk/Team Talk

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    Allows players to have an all-talk button, along with a team talk buttom...
    Old 07-07-2008 , 01:34   Player All Talk/Team Talk
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    So I was thinking when I read this thread on the Steam forums:

    it was kinda doable.

    Basically, people were asking for an extra button that can be pressed allowing a player to talk to the other side, yet still be able to use team voice chat for normal play and team strategy.

    This plugin allows a player to switch on all talk, which only affects him. His voice will then be heard by the other team.
    However, he will not be able to hear them talking back unless someone from their team switches on their alltalk....
    So team chat is still maintained and only those players wishing to talk to the whole server can be heard.

    The plugin also has a feature where it will do tag recognition, so only members of a clan can use the alltalk. Simply fill in the text file with a clan tag and turn on the tags cvar.

    Servers with this plugin: http://www.game-monitor.com/search.p...&type=variable

    • voiceall
    A toggle command.
    A player should bind a key to this...e.g. bind "i" "voiceall"
    When activated, the player can be heard by the whole server if he presses his normal voice comms key.
    When deactivated, he only can be heard by his team.

    • Copy sm_playeralltalk.smx to addons/sourcemod/plugins
    • Copy sm_playeralltalk_data.txt to addons/sourcemod/configs

    • sm_alltalk_tags <0 or 1>
    When enabled, it reads a txt file (sm_playeralltalk_data.txt) for clan tags, only allowing those players to use the command. This was added, because some griefers and pubbers may/can/will abuse the feature...

    • sm_alltalk_messages <0 or 1>
    When enabled, clients can see if the all talk feature is on via a message in the chat area
    • sm_alltalk_default <0 or 1>
    Sets whether the default for the client is teamtalk or alltalk


    Has been tested with TF2, DoDS, CSS and PVKii

    If you are already using the adminsentinel plugin, this plugin will conflict with admin listening abilities. Admins should use the talk-to-server feature in that plugin, only.

    If you wish to provide your players with a single button to talk, like the "V" button, they will need to add a couple of commands to their config.cfg, courtesy of Skoll. Pressing "h", in this case, will have the same effect as pressing "v" except the player will be speaking to the whole server

    PHP Code:
    alias +alltalk "voiceall; +voicerecord"
    alias -alltalk "-voicerecord; voiceall"
    bind h +alltalk 


    SourceMod release

    Added Cvar to remove messages

    Added Cvar to set default status (thanks RM Hamster)

    RM_Hamster for adding the useful CVAR to define how the plugin starts.
    Attached Files
    File Type: txt sm_playeralltalk_data.txt (153 Bytes, 1639 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (sm_playeralltalk.sp - 3101 views - 3.6 KB)
    Plugins | TheVille
    Zombie Mod for DoD:S - l4dod.theville.org

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    Old 07-07-2008 , 02:18   Re: Player All Talk
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    I've written a plugin like this, and we bind it to a separate key on my server. My equivalent to your "voiceall" command is the "+voiceall"/"-voiceall" pair. Then the clan members set the following config in their local autoexec.cfg:

    alias +alltalk "+voiceall; +voicerecord"
    alias -alltalk "-voicerecord; -voiceall"
    bind f +alltalk
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    Old 07-08-2008 , 03:10   Re: Player All Talk
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    So is the bind a switch like you press it once then you get chat output saying "Your voice chat can now be heard by everyone" then when you press it again "Your voice chat can now be heard by your teammates only" or do you have to hold down both of them to talk to everyone?
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    Old 07-08-2008 , 03:29   Re: Player All Talk
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    You just hit your "voiceall" key to enable yourself to talk to both teams.
    And hit it again to disable it.

    No need to hold anything down (besides your mic button obviously)
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    Old 07-10-2008 , 02:58   Re: Player All Talk
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    I'm not a bind expert at Source, but can it be set to work exactly like the voice activation button (of TF2 for example), only in alltalk mode?

    Someone could have mouse4 for vanilla voice, and mouse5 for alltalk voice, for example.

    Is that doable?

    Another question: since team speak is more important than alltalk (i.e. “spy behind you!” should take precedence over “harharhar I owned you”), would it be possible to reduce the alltalk volume when a team mate is speaking?

    Edit: I would also suggest a setting to allow or disallow spectators to alltalk, because it could be abused.

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    Old 07-10-2008 , 05:38   Re: Player All Talk
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    No this plugin doesn't do that. It's bind basically set's sv_alltalk to 1 for you only then changes it back to 0 when you press again.
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    Old 07-10-2008 , 12:05   Re: Player All Talk
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    Yes this mod can provide an alltalk key that isn't a toggle. Just use an alias like the first post, but without the plusses. Example:

    alias +alltalk "voiceall; +voicerecord"
    alias -alltalk "-voicerecord; voiceall"
    bind h +alltalk

    When h is pressed, and held, it will toggle alltalk on and start recording. When h is released it will stop recording and turn off alltalk. Then v will always be teamtalk (or whatever the server has sv_alltalk set to) and h will always be alltalk.

    I tested this last night and it worked great. I prefer having a key for each rather than a toggle, but this mod makes both options available.

    The one thing I don't like is the chat messages that appear every time I use alltalk. I would love to see a config option that allows us to disable (for everyone) the chat messages.
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    Old 07-10-2008 , 13:37   Re: Player All Talk
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    For the record, does this only work with sv_alltalk 0? Or can alltalk still be on, with the toggle going to teamtalk?
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    Old 07-10-2008 , 14:22   Re: Player All Talk
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    Originally Posted by BaronFelX View Post
    For the record, does this only work with sv_alltalk 0? Or can alltalk still be on, with the toggle going to teamtalk?
    Only with sv_alltalk 0, unless strontiumdog's found a fix I've been looking for for weeks.

    Either SourceMod or srcds has a bug where reducing your talk/listen flags to team-only while alltalk is on doesn't have any effect.
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    Old 07-10-2008 , 15:16   Re: Player All Talk
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    So would it be possible to turn this around and make it so that on an alltalk server people could toggle to team chat while they hold the button? On my server I have alltalk and everyone seems to love it, but it'd be nice to have team chat as well
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