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Simple Developer Version 8.0

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Old 04-30-2008 , 20:10   Simple Developer Version 8.0
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Simple Developer
Version 8.0

Hitting the console key and typing in "noclip" and "god" to test something in a map...
That always pissed me off, so I wrote this small plugin, which in the end probably
took up more time than typing 'noclip' and 'god' could ever have.

You simply hold down a key which you bound to "+devmenu", and then
you can easily enable/disable godmode, noclip mode, notarget mode and access
for every usual player to that developer menu (for multiplayer map testing)
by simply moving your view into the direction the option is in. By default, 20
degrees from the original angle when opening the menu upwards, downwards,
to the left or to the right are needed to toggle an option. Since Version 5.0 you
may also hit your "Use"-Key while in the menu to toggle the player information
staying while the menu is closed on or off. Hitting your "Reload"-Key will allow
you to teleport to coordinates.

Look at the screenshot to get an idea of it.
Admin Level A required by default.
Have fun!

Version history:
  • V. 1.0: Initial release.
  • V. 2.0: Cleaned up the code and fixed 2 tiny issues.
  • V. 3.0: Added Global Constant Variable to control degrees needed to toggle an option (Default: 12) and added a check if the menu was open when the client sends "-developer_menu", to prevent seeing the menu fade out when closing the Game Menu (Escape button) if the menu was not open.
  • V. 4.0: Added Three Global Constant Variables to control the menus color. Added Origin, Angles and Velocity display. Menu now instantly disappears when letting of the key to keep the fourth HUD Message Channel free. There are some small optimizations as well.
  • V. 5.0: New feature: Hit "Use"-Key while the menu is open to toggle Player Information Stay ON/OFF. Did some syntax optimization as well.
  • V. 6.0: Added a Pitch-Slope Indicator to Information box and made use of static variables to reduce CPU usage.
  • V. 7.0: Added options to suicide and to teleport to coordinates. Fixed the menu close function being called when closing the menu, although information stay is still activated. Changed default channel for the HUD menu to be channel 3, because it seems to be the most spammed channel. Made the whole menu much flatter so it wont screw up widescreen users.
  • V. 8.0: Removed option to suicide. It was dull and 90% of the time one would use it accidentally. Added #define DEV_LOW_FIDELITY_MENU 1 to the code, which, when set to a value greater than 0, will cause the menu to be low fidelity, and thus cause much less network traffic. Fixed network options being used incorrectly while the menu is opened. Reduced default refresh rates to very low values. Fixed bad variable naming sense. Global variables are now preceded by "g_". Improved code readability and efficiency. Now have to use Reload-key instead of jump key. Changed default command for opening the menu to something shorter, "+devmenu". Can now easily change required Admin level through a #define REQUIRED_ACCESS.


Low fidelity:
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Old 04-30-2008 , 20:29   Re: Simple Developer
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Really good idea. I especially like the use of the +command.
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Old 04-30-2008 , 21:27   Re: Simple Developer
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Damn, nice.
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Old 05-01-2008 , 09:19   Re: Simple Developer Version 2.0
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Glad you like it! As a symbol of thanks I made an update.
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Old 05-04-2008 , 10:54   Re: Simple Developer Version 2.0
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That's an awesome idea! I love it. I've seen it in some other game, but I'm glad you found a way to put it in HL.
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Old 05-04-2008 , 17:38   Re: Simple Developer Version 2.0
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Wow, really nice idea on the way you implemented the menu (kind of cumbersome though). I'm going to wait for user reports on how this works before any decision is made on approval.
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your retatred
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Old 05-06-2008 , 13:05   Re: Simple Developer Version 2.0
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Thanks! Made another small update. And yes, it is a bit cumbersome, but people hold down that key for maybe 2 seconds every once in a while, so there's definitively no problem with that. I can't imagine a better way which would not take the smooth flow of the menu away. (instant reaction to input)
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Old 05-11-2008 , 12:31   Re: Simple Developer Version 3.0
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Always loved your work.
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Old 05-11-2008 , 16:16   Re: Simple Developer Version 3.0
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nice work seems like a good plugin
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Old 05-11-2008 , 22:16   Re: Simple Developer Version 3.0
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can u make it into a pentagon form with 1 more added function. think would be cool looking like crysis.
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