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DoD Holodude (holoduke emulator)

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Day of Defeat        Category:   Fun Stuff        Approver:   Hawk552 (427)
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Old 03-21-2008 , 17:25   DoD Holodude (holoduke emulator)
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DOD Holodude - For Day of Defeat 1.3
(updated 9-19-08)

About the Plugin:
Remember Duke Nukem 3D? Remember the holoduke? For those of you who don't,
a holoduke was an object aquired in the game that allowed Duke Nukem to
project a holographic image of himself. It had a lifespan of around 80
seconds and could be turned on and off as desired. Once activated, the
holoduke would remain in one place holding a BFG and rotated to mimic
Duke's z-axis. This could fool the enemies into attacking the holoduke.

This plugin allows you to throw out a 'Holodude' in the game of DOD. It reacts
pretty much like the real holoduke. The image projected will take on the
same image as its creator. And the image will be created with a team rifle.

This plugin is strictly for FUN. Please use it in the spirit offered.
Its a pretty elementary plugin. It works by creating a simple non-solid NPC
at the player's position and 'tossing' it outward. Then it gives the NPC an
applicable weapon. After that, its just a matter of monitoring the Holodude
power level. Once the power is gone, or its turned off, its removed.

The Holodude is activated/deactivated with the command: holodude
It would be easiest to bind a key to the command. (Example: bind h holodude)
When activated/deactivated, a sound effect will be played at its point of
origin. This sound effect is the SAME sound effect used in the original DN
game. You can see the amount of power left in your Holodude, by entering
the command: say /holo.

The plugin can be configured for 4 modes of operation (see Commands below).
The default lifespan of a Holodude is 60 seconds. It is affected by gravity
so that if you activate it while in the air, on a ladder, or on a ledge, it
will drop to the ground below. If the Holodude is generated without a solid
'ground' under it, or inside another entity (like a wall or tree), it will
be deemed malfunctioning and deactivated if it doesn't hit solid ground
within 3 seconds. There may be rare situations that can't be detected by the
plugin and the Holodude will simply sink into oblivion while active.
The plugin has an OSD that will continually report the Holodude's power
level while active. Parameters can be adjusted via CVar.

holodude - Activates/Deactivates your Holodude
say /holo - Reports the current power level of your Holodude
dod_holodude <#|?> Plugin Control Command (access level 'h')
0 = Disables the Holodude plugin
1 = One Holodude per life
2 = One Holodude per round (default mode)
3 = One Holodude per map
4 = Unlimited, one at a time
? = Displays these command parameters

Compile the sma and place the resulting dod_holodude.amxx file in the
dod/addons/amxmodx/plugins folder.
Unzip teleport.zip and place the teleport.wav file in the dod/sound/misc folder.
Add the line dod_holodude.amxx (or dod_holodude_H.amxx if using the Ham version) to dod/addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini
Optionally, place any CVar changes in configs as desired.

dod_holodude_ctrl <0|1|2|3|4> - Controls Plugin Mode (default 2)
dod_holodude_life <##> - Life in Seconds (Range 10 - 100, default 60)
dod_holodude_osd <0|1> - Disable|Enable On-Screen Display (default 1)
dod_holodude_fu_ck <0|1> - Enable FUllupdate cheCK (default 1 - enabled)

- The Holodude won't have a team icon over its head or appear on the minimap.
- The name used throughout the plugin is holoduDe, not holoduKe.
- Bots won't be fooled by a Holodude. Damn it!
- There are 2 versions offered. V1.9 (dod_holodude.sma) is for those who haven't
updated to Amxmodx 1.8+. V1.9H (dod_holodude_H.sma) utilizes
features in the Hamsandwich module. This would be preferred as the fullupdate
protection is not required using Ham.

Thanks to KoST's for his post on creating an entity offset from an origin.
All others who posted about generating NPCs

Version History:
1.9H - HoloDude is 'thrown' from player's position. Rarely malfunctions now.
1.9 - Non HamSandwich version of above
1.8H - Converted functions to HamSandwich (removed fullupdate protection routine)
1.8 - Block fullupdate (option, see CVar section)
1.7 - Original release

(updated 9-19-08)
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File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (dod_holodude_H.sma - 1492 views - 13.2 KB)
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Old 06-03-2008 , 16:39   Re: DOD Holodude (holoduke emulator)
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Update notice...
The plugin was updates to prevent fullupdate exploiting. See initial post for more info.
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Old 09-19-2008 , 21:25   Re: DOD Holodude (holoduke emulator)
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Update notice...

The plugin was updated to emulate the HoloDude being thrown, much like a grenade would be thrown, by the player. This allows the HoloDude some flexibility as to where it materializes, and also prevents most 'malfunctions' since the HoloDude now bounces off walls, etc. instead of materializing inside of them.

Recommended Update!
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