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    Lets players choose to cut a wire instead of normal defuse
    Old 08-19-2007 , 18:44   QuickDefuse
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    QuickDefuse - by pRED*

    CT's get a menu to select a wire to cut when they defuse the bomb
    - Choose the right wire - Instant Defuse
    - Choose the wrong wire - Instant Explosion

    If you don't have a defuse kit theres a 50% chance the bomb will still explode if you select the wrong wire

    T's also get the option to select the correct wire, otherwise it's random

    Ignoring the menu's or selecting exit will let the game continue normally

    Cvar: qd_tchoice <1|0> - Enable/Disable terrorists being able to select a wire colour



    0.1 - IPO
    0.2 - Added menu cancelling on abort of plant/defuse
    0.3 - More chat notifications and cvar to disable t choices
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    Old 08-19-2007 , 21:30   Re: QuickDefuse
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    p.s. i was right about the wrong classname huh ?
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    Old 08-20-2007 , 01:15   Re: QuickDefuse
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    Nice. Been Hoping for this.
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    Old 08-20-2007 , 03:08   Re: QuickDefuse
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    It might be cool to have a cvar for how many wires there are. Just a thought.
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    Old 08-20-2007 , 03:24   Re: QuickDefuse
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    That a funny idea - lol
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    Old 08-20-2007 , 03:31   Re: QuickDefuse
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    A cvar to disable the t's menu and always be a random wire would be cool. Also, anyway to incorporate better odds if the CT has a diffusal kit (if there are 4 total wires to pick from, maybe if the CT has a kit, then there are 2 wires or 3 wires instead of 4?)...just a few thoughts/suggestions.
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    Old 08-20-2007 , 04:04   Re: QuickDefuse
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    rishi211 I was reading the source code...
    And if you DON'T have DefuseKit and you do get the right wire, the person still has a 50% change of not exploding...

    I am really sorry for giving suggestions on the source code, but I just can't resist to give suggestion/ideas, even if they are stupid things:

    Can't you set the bool:kit to a global, make PanelDefuseKit() and PanelNoKit() one, and use:
    if (param2 == wire && (kit || GetRandomInt(0,1)))
    I require reputation!

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    Old 08-20-2007 , 10:20   Re: QuickDefuse
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    maybe do a "auto select wire after 5 sec" when you have a defuse kit?
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    Old 08-20-2007 , 15:07   Re: QuickDefuse
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    Thought there was 6 wires on the bomb?

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    Yogi Beer
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    Old 08-20-2007 , 16:24   Re: QuickDefuse
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    Cool, loving all the eventscripts stuff comming over... Will install this when I get home and report back on progress.

    I also think that the 6 wire optin would be better to have

    Last edited by Yogi Beer; 08-20-2007 at 16:26. Reason: Thought of something else.
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