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Old 08-24-2004 , 03:51   Telemove
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This plugin was very originally written for AdminMod by yensid, and when we made our move from AdminMod to AMX Mod, I ported it to there.

Since we've moved yet again, I'll put the new version up here, since I've already done the basic port. I have yet to test if it works properly, with all status reports, admins being reported to have used the command, etc . . .

If there are any problems, please let me know.

It starts with version 2.0, since 1.0b was my last version on AMX Mod.

This is a rather fun plugin, and allows you to manipulate people in EVERY mod I have tried it in, so far. I've tried it in CS, DoD, NS, HL, and TFC. It worked fine on all of them, as far as I could tell(prior to port to AMX Mod X)

The basic commands:
amx_to - brings the target to the admin
amx_go - brings the admin to their target
amx_send - sends one target to another
There are additional commands:
amx_to/go/send_x/y/z - shifts target on the specified axis
Update to 2.1 2004/09/28
* - Added amx_log support to commands - log method made to agree with log method used in the builtin plugins
* - Added some additional information lines

Fast update to 2.2 2004/09/28
* - fixed some bugs
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Old 08-24-2004 , 20:35  
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Has anybody tried this yet to see if it works?
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Old 08-27-2004 , 15:12  
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I just added it..I will use it today on DOD and will report back to you how it goes
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Old 09-22-2004 , 18:46  
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Anybody used this already and know for sure it does what it's supposed to, still?

including the:

amx_send_x -100 <target1> <target2> properly sending target1 to target2 shifted by -100 on the x axis?

Oh, and you CAN drop people inside each other by manually entering 0 as the offset using the _x _y _z commands

This plugin has a lot of commands, hehe. . . . .

let's see -

amx_to <target>
amx_to_x <target> <amount of shift>
amx_to_y <target> <amount of shift>
amx_to_z <target> <amount of shift>
amx_go <target>
amx_go_x <target> <amount of shift>
amx_go_y <target> <amount of shift>
amx_go_z <target> <amount of shift>
amx_send <target1> <target2>
amx_send_x <target1> target2> <amount of shift>
amx_send_y <target1> target2> <amount of shift>
amx_send_z <target1> target2> <amount of shift>

Yeah, that's all. hrm, I think I'll add a new command . . . amx_shift . . .

amx_shift <target1> <target2> <shift on x> <shift on y> <shift on z>

You could move target1 to a displaced origin of x100,y100,z100 from target2 . . . hrmmmmm, nice
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Old 09-28-2004 , 13:53  
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Updated to 2.2 - changelog in .sma
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