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Objectives converter v0.6 (WON only)

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Counter-Strike        Category:   Fun Stuff        Approver:   Johnny got his gun (102)
Johnny got his gun
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Old 03-26-2004 , 08:35   Objectives converter v0.6 (WON only)
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WON only! Does NOT work under STEAM

Change to any de_, as_, es_, cs_, objective on any of these maps. Yeah it wasn't made to support maps like ka_legoland or fy_iceworld,
but for all other standard maps, you should be able to change objectives through a single command: amx_objectives <cs | de | es | as>
If you didn't know: as = assassination, de = defusion (or demolition?), es = escape, cs = hostage rescue
Bonus: supports random hostage models in CS objectives.

Note: Thread lightly, there are some issues which you can look at under TO DO below. Most important are: when making cs maps, hostages spawn around t spawns,
and sometimes they will spawn where a t spawn causing you to get stuck, kill the hossie and you're free.
Please find bugs and report them on the above mentioned forum.

(This was originally developed for and was working on STEAM. However since an update to STEAM CS somewhere around January-February 2004, this plugin's methods of doing stuff are since then impossible. Hope to fix this anytime in the future...)
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Old 03-26-2004 , 12:53   OMG
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jghg, Your a Saint I was looking for a WON only version..
Without a Sound
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Old 11-14-2006 , 19:34   Re: Objectives converter v0.6 (WON only)
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Welcome to the AMX Mod X 1.76-300 Compiler.
Copyright (c) 1997-2006 ITB CompuPhase, AMX Mod X Team

Error: Invalid symbol name "" on line 1106
Warning: Symbol is never used: "" on line 1137

1 Error.
Could not locate output file C:\objectivesconverter.amx (compile failed).
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Old 11-23-2006 , 12:55   Re: Objectives converter v0.6 (WON only)
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Will this ever be fixed up for Steam?
Sounds like a kool plugin.
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Old 12-25-2007 , 11:33   Re: Objectives converter v0.6 (WON only)
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Could this be updated?
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Old 04-25-2016 , 16:11   Re: Objectives converter v0.6 (WON only)
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the list of approved but does not compile? lol
anyone can solve?
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