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Advanced Team Attack Control

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    Universal Team Attack Control for any Source Game or Mod based on target/f117bomb's ATAC plugin for AMX Mod (X)
    Reason for Unapproving:
    2.5.0 still in beta
    Old 05-22-2007 , 05:09   Advanced Team Attack Control
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    At the beginning of this plugin's life it was nothing more than simple spawn protection, but oh so far has it come. And has grown to quite a vast feature list.

    This plugin is also known as [ATAC], ATAC: Source, [ATAC: Source], [ATAC for Source], and ATAC for Source

    If you are updating to 2.0.0 from 1.3.3 you are BEST OFF with a fresh install, make sure you delete atac_stored.txt from your addons/sourcemod/data directory, if you are running Day of Defeat: Source disable atac_css.smx and vice versa for CSS on DoD: Source, and if you're not running either, disable both. Also make note that when adding/removing punishment and karma plugins it will REQUIRE a server restart. If you wish to use "pure" immunity (nothing can happen to the attacker) give them access flag T and make sure immunity is on.

    • Team Attack Counter
      • A number of team attacks equals a team kill
    • Team Kill Counter
      • A number of team kills equals an action
        • Actions are:
          • Kick
          • Ban
    • Next action system (optional)
      • Kick Limit
        • If the kick limit is reached the server bans the player
      • Ban Limit
        • If the ban limit is reached the server bans the player permanently
    • Menu based TK options (utilized by other plugins)
      • These options are always on and default:
        • Forgive
        • Do not forgive
    • Mirror damage
      • Slaps or removes health from a player for how much damage he did to the person he team attacked
      • Server can enable the victim be healed due to team attacks, however, it does NOT prevent team kills.
    • Spawn Protection
      • If a player is damaged by a team mate within X seconds of when they spawn, it will slay the attacker
        • X being a cvar set by the server
    • IRC Relay output
      • Sends a message to your IRC Master channel via Olly's IRC Relay plugin for SourceMod
      • Message includes nickname and steamid of player kicked or banned.
    • Verbose Settings
      • Set your server's version of ATAC to output the way you want.
    • HLStatsX Logging Support
      • Add or take away HLX Stat points for punishment or forgiveness.
    • Immunity
      • "Pure" immunity, make it so the administrator can not be punished whatsoever for a team kill
        • Give them access flag "T",make sure immunity is enabled in the configs
      • Partial immunity, this allows the administrator to get punished, but not have the third party punishments used against him/her, do *not* apply the access flag "T"
    • atac_enabled
      • Turns atac "on/off".
      • default: 1
    • atac_immunity
      • Turns admin immunity on/off
      • default: 1
    • atac_nextspawnpunishdelay
      • Delay, in seconds, after a player spawn before the punishment action selected in the menu is taken
      • This only applies if the team killer is dead at the time of selection
      • Min: 3
      • Max: 10
      • default: 6
    • atac_spawnprotection
      • Enables spawn protection if above 0 if it is 0 it's off
      • Also is the amount of time, in seconds, after a player spawns in which spawn protection is on.
      • CSS Users, take into consideration your freezetime when setting this, add it to the number of seconds you want.
      • Min: 0 (off)
      • Max: 30
      • default: 10
    • atac_action
      • Action that is taken when the tk limit is reached
      • 1 = Kick
      • 2 = Ban
      • default: 1
    • atac_bantime
      • Time, in minutes, that a player is banned for team attacking
      • default: 60
    • atac_bantype
      • Enables IP based banning and storage instead of Steam ID
      • default: 0
    • atac_talimit
      • The number of team attacks it takes to be counted as a team kill
      • default: 10
    • atac_tklimit
      • The number of tk's befor atac_action is taken
      • default: 3
    • atac_nextaction
      • If enabled after taking a certain limit of actions the next action is taken
      • default: 1
    • atac_kicklimit
      • Number of kicks before next action is taken (ban)
      • default: 3
    • atac_banlimit
      • Number of temporary bans before a permanent ban
      • default: 3
    • atac_ignorebots
      • Ignore bots in all aspects of the game, if 0 it will always take the "defaultpunish" option.
      • default: 1
    • atac_ircrelay
      • Enables messages in IRC Relay, requires Olly's IRC Relay for sourcemod to use. Shows messages on kicks and bans with Steam ID and Nickname
      • default: 0
    • atac_maxkarma
      • Maximum karma points to reach before team kills is decreased by 1
      • Recommendations:
        • CSS: 30
        • DoDS: 15
      • Default: 5
    • atac_karmakills
      • Turns on/off the handling of kills for karma points
      • default: 1
    • atac_verbose
      • Sets when/where output is sent and to who
        • 0 = No output
        • 1 = Show only to the users involved
        • 2 = Show only to team mates
        • 3 = Show to admins and team mates
        • 4 = Show to admins and players involved
        • 5 = Show to admins only
        • 6 = Show to everyone
      • default: 1
    • atac_hlxenabled
      • Enables logging for hlstatsx to interpret
        • Activation Code:
          • Forgiven
            • Forgiven_For_TeamKill
          • Punished
            • Punished_For_TeamKill
        • Note: If you utilize Punished make sure you set "Team Kill Penalty" to 0 in HLStatsX, if you use Forgiven, make sure it's set to the same value as "Team Kill Penalty"
      • default: 0
    • 2.0.0
      • added atac_verbose for customization of output.
      • added atac_hlxenabled for hlstatsx logging
      • Removed atac_resettime
      • Added atac_banlimit
      • Made new reset time automatic based on the atac_bantime * (atac_banlimit + 1), this allows the player to still be able to get in the server after they have been temp banned and if they get temp banned atac_banlimit times they'll be permanently
      • Removed atac_action of slay (cvar now only has option of kick, 1, or ban, 2)
      • Added atac_maxkarma cvar
      • Added atac_killkarma (enables kill based karma in atac core)
      • Added atac_karmame (debugging command)
      • Added atac_resetkarma /resetkarma !resetkarma command
      • Added atac_resettk /resettk !resettk command
      • Added sm_resetta /resetta !resetta command
      • Added sm_karmame /karmame !karmame command
      • Removed all punishments from the core
      • Put punishments into their own plugin
      • Removed mod dependent functionality from the core
      • Added mod dependent karma plugins for Day of Defeat: Source and Counter-Strike: Source
      • Revamped menu system to be dynamic to punishment plugins
      • re-Wrote uberslap, slay, slap, beacon (dalto wrote this)
      • Added translation files for each plugin
      • Added BanType cvar for IP banning
      • Added IP based storing (if bantype is set to IP banning)
      • Changed ban method to work with SourceBans
      • Added HLStatsX logging for when a team kill is punished or forgiven
      • Totally revamped immunity system to work with the new immunity system as well as provide the option for total immunity (via Custom_Flag6 (T))
      • Massive amounts of optimization and code fixing
      • Added verbose cvar
      • Changed atac_option to atac_enabled
      • removed atac_globalimmunity
      • removed atac_menuforgive cvar
      • removed all text/chat based forgiveness/punishment
      • Added include file with natives for atac plugins.
      • Moved spawn protection into mod-based plugins (atac_dods and atac_css) as their heal based functionality depends on the mod
      • removed atac_defaultpunish
      • removed all atac_menu* cvars
      • moved mirror damage functionality into mod dependent plugins.
    • 1.3.3
      • Removed IsPlayerAlive function (deprecated, now part of SourceMod)
      • Removed Menu sounds (deprecated, now part of SourceMod)
    • 1.3.2
      • Fixed an output error when team attacks ends up at it's maximum and outputs team kills
      • Fixed plugin not loading on latest sourcemod builds
    • 1.3.1
      • Updated atac.cfg version to reflect plugin version
      • Fixed a bug in the translations file
      • Added a new phrase in the translations file for logging
      • Fixed a logging error
      • Included ircrelay.inc in the package for those who wish to compile manually
    • 1.3.0
      • Some code optimization (to make it run slightly smoother)
      • Changed all custom functions (like slap, teleport, and slay) to SourceMod core functions (ForcePlayerSuicide and SlapPlayer).
      • Added translations file, currently includes English, German, and French
      • Added IRC Relay output (requires Olly's IRC Relay for SourceMod).
      • Added a cvar to turn ircrelay output on/off. (Leave off unless you have Olly's IRC Relay for SourceMod.)
      • Added debugging command for admins (sm_tkme)
        • This triggers the menu to be executed and applied to the administrator calling it.
        • Requires the admin have at least RCON access via SourceMod
        • This is used for debugging menu options, all functions and actions ARE taken on the person who calls the command.
      • Removed Tempents extension prerequisite
      • Changed all effects to sdktools based effects
      • Attempted at adding an explosion effect to the slay functions.
    • 1.2.0
      • Added admin immunity function
        • atac_adminimmunity
        • atac_globalimmunity
      • Added version cvar
        • atac_version
      • Removed "/ff" "ff" say chat handling due to upcoming default inclusion in SourceMod core.
      • Removed reliance on PimpinJuices SigScan extension, now using SourceMod core's SDKTools for ignite (burn) and teleport (motion in slapping).
      • Using KickClient() native instead of servercommand based native
      • Hopefully /me crosses fingers fixed linux crash bug on uberslap (more strict handling on the way some of the code is executed).
      • General code optimization.
      • Added in "FailState()" natives for when the plugin fails to achieve one of it's loading goals it stops running (better for debugging).
      • Added in AutoExecConfig() native, you should no longer have to exec sourcemod/atac.cfg this should also create a new atac.cfg automatically if you don't already have one.
      • Chat triggered commands now rely on SourceMod's built in chat triggers
        • Console:
          • sm_tkcount
          • sm_tacount
          • sm_forgive - when menu's off
          • sm_forgivetk - when menu's off
          • sm_ftk - when menu's off
          • sm_punish - when menu's off
          • sm_punishtk - when menu's off
          • sm_ptk - when menu's off
        • Chat:
          • !tkcount or /tkcount
          • !tacount or /tacount
          • !forgive or /forgive - when menu's off
          • !forgivetk or /forgivetk - when menu's off
          • !ftk or /ftk - when menu's off
          • !punish or /punish - when menu's off
          • !punishtk or /punishtk - when menu's off
          • !ptk or /ptk - when menu's off
      • Changed OnServerCfg() to OnConfigsExecuted()
      • Changed default ban time to minimum time of atac information being reset by default (60 minutes)
    • 1.1.2
      • Fixed some nomenclature in "spawn attack" to be more generic
    • 1.1.1
      • Fixed an Index out of Bounds bug in OnMapEnd()
    • 1.1.0
      • Added mod-independent support
        • Tested with:
          • Counter-Strike: Source
          • Day of Defeat: Source
      • Changed the way spawn protection works
        • Now is based on when player spawns
      • Fixed a number of bugs on the player disconnect
      • Fixed chat output to support more mods
      • Added new cvar: atac_nextspawnpunishdelay
      • Removed reliance on freeze_time_end event
    • 1.0.0
      • Release
    • Counter-Strike: Source
      • Confirmed: Working
    • Day of Defeat: Source
      • Confirmed: Working
    • Insurgency
      • Confirmed: Not 100% Working (Waiting on next server patch)
    • Team Fortress 2
      • Confirmed: Working (though not suggested)
    Thank you to the following:
    Viper: Allowing me to test on Steamfriends
    PimpinJuice: Creation of tempents and signature scan
    OneEyed: pointing out FL_FROZEN's capabilities to me
    teame06: pointing out FL_FROZEN, as well as help in a few other places
    EKS: ATAC has some slight bases similar to ForgiveTK so inspiration was taken from him.
    BAILOPAN: For sourcemod...duh
    damagedsoul: see BAILOPAN
    sslice: for kicking my ass into sourcemod plugin dev
    devicenull: helping out in some stuck situations
    target/f117bomb: for the original ATAC (what this is based on)
    Anth0ny (aka Mad.Eagle) for Russian translations work
    -GSE-||Obsession^ for Dutch translations
    [Arnold] for German Translations
    lamdacore for German Translations
    trawiator for Polish Translations
    magicyan for French Translations

    and anyone else I forgot

    Thank you, again to Steamfriends for allowing me to test this on their servers. As well as the download mirror.

    Note: This plugin may not work with Insurgency or a few other mods due to lack of access to CommitSuicide. However you can use non-slay based punishments for simple tk management (disable all but forgive and do not forgive in the menu)

    Download link removed - Please use 2.5.0 SVN Beta

    The following is the ATAC Development SVN, it is public, feel free to test and provide input.
    Current known issues (Fixed in 2.5.0 SVN Beta):
    Admin immunity is bugged and may not work.


    Personally I advise AGAINST the use of this version, but as it's been requested so much...there you go.

    SVN Provided by http://www.space-headed.net/

    This plugin is no longer supported, it is suggested that all users move to Rothgar's alternative


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    Old 05-22-2007 , 09:51   Re: [PLUGIN] Advanced Team Attack Control
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    Looks useful. Great work!
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    Old 05-22-2007 , 11:09   Re: [PLUGIN] Advanced Team Attack Control
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    This work with DoD:S ?
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    Old 05-22-2007 , 12:45   Re: [PLUGIN] Advanced Team Attack Control
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    As of right now this is CSS only. My next update will be mod independent support.

    Last edited by FlyingMongoose; 05-23-2007 at 11:11.
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    Old 05-22-2007 , 12:48   Re: [PLUGIN] Advanced Team Attack Control
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    Ok, thanks.
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    Old 05-23-2007 , 02:26   Re: [PLUGIN] Advanced Team Attack Control
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    Updated to version 1.1.0, see first post for change log.

    Just to point out what the changes mean:
    As far as I know, every aspect of this plugin should work on all Source Mods that have team play.

    Last edited by FlyingMongoose; 05-23-2007 at 11:11.
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    Old 05-23-2007 , 11:03   Re: [PLUGIN] Advanced Team Attack Control
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    Update: now version 1.1.1

    Check first post for changelog.
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    Old 05-24-2007 , 10:18   Re: [PLUGIN] Advanced Team Attack Control
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    Great work! I know how much time you put into this, and it was worth it, its great!
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    Old 05-24-2007 , 15:03   Re: [PLUGIN] Advanced Team Attack Control
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    5/24/2007 - Update 1.1.2

    See first post for changelog.
    Please do NOT PM for support.

    Only ask for support in plugin threads.

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    Old 06-04-2007 , 22:45   Re: [PLUGIN] Advanced Team Attack Control
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    Just thought I would say plug in is working great so far.
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