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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Counter-Strike        Category:   Fun Stuff        Approver:   Geesu (62)
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Old 07-25-2004 , 20:47   Suicide*Bomber
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A player on round start will be selected to become the Suicide Bomber.
Rewards will be given to either team depending if the suicide mission was
a complete success, partially complete, or total failure. Very configureable.

This plugin has been extensivley tested and tweaked. No worries.

More info contained within the remarks below.

/* Suicide Bomber by OVERLOAD Version 1.01X   (08MAY04)     - One Random Player Picked From Either Team Will Become a Suicide Bomber With Barney Speak   and VIP Model on Round Start. - The Suicide Bomb Will Count Down And Display The Time Until Bomb Detonation. - The Bomb Beeps Once Every Five Seconds From 60 - 15 Seconds. At 10 - 1 Seconds it Beeps Rapidly. - All Players Can Hear Barney Speak And Bomb Beeps. - All Players Are Potential Victims of The Suicide Bomber. - For Each Kill The Suicide Bomb Causes, One Frag and $2000 Dollars is Added to The Suicide Bomber. - If The Suicide Bomber is Killed Before Detonation, Each Player on the Opposing Team Receives a   Configureable Ammount of Frags. - The Suicide Bomber Starts Out With 250 Hit Points and Armor. - Type 'amx_suid_help' in The Server Console to Find Out What CVARS Do What. Note: Doesn't work well with RealBot. Apparently RealBot figures out who to attack by what       model the enemy is using. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minor Fixes and Additions.   (10May04)         - Removed "bloop.wav" Precache. Served no Purpose         - Changed Sprite_Explode's to a Single Array         - Changed Plugin Introduction         - Changed Sprite Framerate         - Changed ChromeGib Velocity         - Changed Shockwave. Looks More Cool Now         - Fixed Damage Range CVAR         - Fixed Some Explosion Sprite Spwaning Heights. Some Explosion Sprites Got Cut Off At Bottom         - Fixed Main Explosion Sound. Bloop Was Overlapping it         - Added More Barney Speak         - Added Smoke to Explosion         - Added 250 Hit Points to Suicide Bomber on Round Start         --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------         Some More Fixes.   (24Jul04)               - Ported to AmxX         - Fixed a Sound Emiter Which Was Incorrectly Pointing to a File. Would Cause Game Crash.         - Added in a Global Message about Suicide Bomber Detonating and Not Killing Anyone.         - Changed The Help Menu Slightly.         - Major Overhaul of the Message Spacing. Looks more Professional Now. (This Took Forever!) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        */ #include <amxmodx> #include <cstrike> #include <fun>
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Old 07-25-2004 , 20:49  
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Hey, cool. But you dont need to post the .amx just the sma, and use
small tags, just a tip. good job
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Old 07-25-2004 , 23:03  
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You *do NOT* have to post the code inside the post, in [ small] tags.. just attach it to the post
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Old 07-26-2004 , 11:33  
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does both ct and t have a bomber or is it just one player from ct / t

also what kind of both does he have, radius

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Old 07-26-2004 , 12:18  
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is this same as the suicide bomber of warcraft 3?
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Old 07-26-2004 , 14:01  
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yeah sounds nice but what mage said comes to mind do both teams have it? or maybe one person from both teams should get it? what evens it out? thanx.
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Old 07-26-2004 , 14:36  
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Both T and CT get picked to become the Suicide Bomber and only one
player per round will be picked.

The idea is slightly similar to Kamikazi, but you'll see when you play it that
it's completely different.

As far as War3; not at all.

When the opposing team kills the Suicide Bomber, everyone on that team
recieves two 'frags' (Configureable), which evens things out nicely.

EVERYONE, remember to change amx_suid_common, it's default is '4'
which means the Suicide Bomber only spawns 25% of the time or once
every four rounds. A setting of 1 will make the Bomber spawn every round.

Dont forget to give constructive critisizm.
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Old 07-30-2004 , 05:06  
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Whoo! Plugin verified.
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Old 02-06-2005 , 12:11  
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this working for 1.0 ?
everything except for the "boom" works - just me?

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Old 02-09-2005 , 04:11  
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I'm unapproving this. Apparantly it isn't working, and by looking at the code, I don't think this should have gotten approved in the first case. Anyone with only a few coding classes know about iteration (loops). I'm referring to the explosions put out in different functions.
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