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Death Message Block

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   ALL        Category:   Admin Commands        Approver:   v3x (159)
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Old 07-08-2006 , 19:57   Death Message Block
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Death Message Block

There are a large variety of death message blocks available, but all of them* use the set_msg_block native, which is unreliable and easily bypassed. Even a simple stock such as user_silentkill will turn off such a death message block.

This plug-in, however, instead registers the message and blocks them as they are called. Since it doesn't use set_msg_block, the only way to deactivate the death message block is to alter the cvar (mp_deathblock) or to pause the plug-in.

* As far as I know.

All interaction with the plug-in is done through Cvars.

Generic Cvars (All Mods):
mp_deathblock - Turns the death message block on or off. Greater than zero is on, zero or less is off.

The Specialists Cvars:
mp_tsmessageblock - Blocks certain TSMessages. This removes the messages such as "2 frags for Jordan44053, Kung-Fu style!" but doesn't effect "Press Fire To Play!" or the countdown to that.

This plug-in has only been tested in The Specialists but should work with all mods.

Update 1.1
Engine include removed as it is not needed.

Update 1.2
Engine is included in 1.71 and below, but not in 1.75 or higher as it was moved to amxmodx.inc in 1.75. This should be it for the updates.
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Old 07-08-2006 , 20:07   Re: Death Message Block
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Nice plugin, I have used Avalanche's death message blocker but it stop blocking if user_silentkill is called. This will be good for TSRP servers that have cyanide or whatever and want to use a death message blocker.
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Old 07-13-2006 , 13:56   Re: Death Message Block
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How about a description of what the plugin has as an effect on the game?
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Old 07-14-2006 , 00:02   Re: Death Message Block
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A death message is the text/image that appears in the top right corner when you kill someone. This hides that very reliably, and if you're running The Specialists and the Cvar is enabled, it also hides TSMessages (2 frags for <player>, Kung-Fu Style!), but doesn't hide the countdown to spawn in TS.
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Old 08-07-2006 , 10:28   Re: Death Message Block
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Just a suggestion if you want to, let the admins see the kills incase it's not already in there.
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