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Solved MetaMod:Source not loading (Linux listenserver only) dod:s, CSS, HL2:DM, TF2.

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Old 05-05-2024 , 21:46   MetaMod:Source not loading (Linux listenserver only) dod:s, CSS, HL2:DM, TF2.
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This issue is..
1. Only Linux - multipule distro's, with multipule hardware configs
2. Only a Listen server runnng Linux native
3. dod:s, CSS, HL2:DM and TF2.
4. CS2 is not affected, it’s Linux native listenserver allows MetaMod:source to load.
5. Also left for dead 2, it does load but has errors with "meta" commands printouts in the console.

My main concern here is Day of Defeat Source and HL2:DM as the only bot system available is RCBot2 (third party MetaMod:source plugin)

The issue is that MetaMod:source does not load and has this error in the console...
Failed to load plugin "addons/metamod/bin/server"
 failed to dlopen /home/kim/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Day of Defeat Source/dod/addons/metamod/bin/linux64/server.so error=/home/kim/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Day of Defeat Source/dod/addons/metamod/bin/linux64/server.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64
Unable to load plugin "addons/metamod/bin/linux64/server"
Further, in the addons/metamod/bin folder the file “metamod-fatal.log” returns this line on every startup…

L 05/01/2024 - 22:00:08: Detected engine 14 but could not load: libvstdlib_srv.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
So I looked for that file, it isn't in dod:s, TF2, CSS or HL2:DM.

However I did find it in the HL2 mod "Synergy" here...
home/<user>/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Synergy/bin is the location on a typical Linux install and libvstdlib_srv.so is there.

There is a lot of other files with a "<filename>_srv.so" as well that are in Synergey and Left for Dead 2 and not in the other "game title/bin" folder e.g. for DoD:S ...
"/home/<user>/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Day of Defeat Source/bin"
I noted that placing 2 files from Synergy/bin to Day of Defeat Source/bin allowed MetaModSouce to start and load RCBot2.

libvstdlib_srv.so (the file missing) and another not referenced by MetaMod “libtier0_srv.so"
Those two files allowed RCBot2 to function correctly.

But… when you place in “Meta” you can see the console has the version in the auto-complete area of the console input, but it doesn’t print out in console.

So… placing in two files and metamod loads and loads the plugin RCBot2.
No errors in the console or the gameplay for RCBot2, plays OK.

What is happening here?

Is this a MetaMod:Source issue or a Valve issue?

I got the bot plugin to work, metamod has some obvious errors, I have not installed SourceMod just yet. That would be another can of worms I would say.

Remember, this is only Linux listenservers and only affects dod:s, CSS, TF2, HL2:DM that I know of.
It also doesn’t seem to be tied to a particular Linux distro or 32bit dependencies like a lot of similar errors.
The MetaMod:Source plugin 'RCBot2" on a Linux dedicated server...works as it does on a Windows Listenserver and dedicated server. https://github.com/APGRoboCop/rcbot2...tag/v1.7-beta2

It may not seem important but the players of dods and HL2:DM don’t have a BOT system, RCBot2 is the only bot, it would be nice if Linux users can have what Windows users have, especially since those two run great on native Linux.
So, running MetaMod:Source on a Linux listen server for dod:s and HL2:DM is a big deal.

To reproduce this (dod:s)...
1. Place a stable or dev MetaMod:Source in the mod folder normally (make sure "-insecure" is in the launch options)
2. Start a listen server
3. On game start up note the error at the top of the dev' console
4. Type "meta" it returns a unknown command... even after starting a map.
5. Open the file “metamod-fatal.log” and view thye error.

A "fix" of sorts...
1. Add the two files "libvstdlib_srv.so" and "libtier0_srv.so" from the Synergy/bin folder to Day of Defeat Source/bin folder.
2. Start dod:s and open the dev' console, type in "meta version"

Note1: As you type the auto-complete (box below the input line) is showing the MetaMod:source version.

Note2: When pressing submit it will not print that version in the console and does not return "unknown command"

Note 3: Also if the RCBot2 plugin is installed correctly... the plugin runs normally.
Note "normally" means that you have to edit "config.ini" in "...\Day of Defeat Source\dod\addons\rcbot2\config" to start bots...
rcbot config min_bots -1
rcbot config max_bots 16
The plugin ships with a default command of "rcbotd" (dedicated server command) and "rcbot" is used for loading bots on listen servers.

Any help of what to do next or some insight is appreciated!

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Old 05-15-2024 , 23:04   Re: MetaMod:Source not loading (Linux listenserver only) dod:s, CSS, HL2:DM, TF2.
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To those that also have this issue on a Linux Listenserver, it isn't a MetaMod:Source issue.
It's because you are missing two files in your Day of Defeat Source/bin folder.

The issue has been reported... https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Sou...es/issues/6005

Once you obtain the two missing files and run MetaMod:Source, plugins like RCBot2 and Sourcemod now operate normally as they do on a Listen server in windows.

They are libtier0_srv.so and libvstdlib_srv.so.
The files can be obtained from a steamcmd dods install “steamcmd/Your_game_folder/bin/” folder.

Place them in the “Day of Defeat Source/bin” folder.

  1. Use Linux only not windows.
  2. Install MetaMod:Source (Linux any version stable or development) to the Day of Defeat Source/dod/addons folder as normal.
  3. Run the game with the “-insecure” launch option.
  4. Run a map.
  5. Type in console “meta version” and do include the double quotations, as this command has a space.

You should now see metamod load...
] "meta version"
Metamod:Source version 2.0.0-dev+1289
Metamod:Source Version Information
Plugin interface version: 16:14
Loaded As: Valve Server Plugin
SourceHook version: 5:5
Compiled on: Apr 6 2024 098:22
Built from: https://github.com/alliedmodders/met...commit/b4aa055
Build ID: 1289:b4aa055
I'll mark the first post as solved.

Reason: It's not a metamod issue, its a Valve issue.
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