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[TF2] 4v4 PASS Time

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Team Fortress 2
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    The plugin for the competitive gamemode known as 4v4 PASS Time.
    Old 03-30-2024 , 20:36   [TF2] 4v4 PASS Time
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    4v4 PASS Time is a competitive basketball-like gamemode of TF2 focusing more on fast-paced, skillful gameplay than its casual counterpart. It challenges teams to use their mechanical skills (rocket jumps, airshots, trimps, surfs, etc) as well as solid teamwork and communication.

    The 4v4 PASS Time plugin focuses on ironing out the various bugs or issues that are part of the gamemode variant. For example, this plugin fixes the following:
    • Bug where medics will not be able to pick up the JACK after ubering
    • Block instantly respawning by changing classes under the effects of cvars that disable respawn timers
    • Disables the blurry overlay after intercepting
    • Stops the JACK from colliding with dropped ammo packs or weapons from dead players
    It also adds things like thorough event logging, a practice mode, end round statistics for each player, and more to enhance the experience but not majorly alter it.

    There are a team of mappers that work in conjunction with the plugin in order to provide logs to logging services like https://more.tf/. An example log is available here. The maps in question are available here. Most of these custom maps are required to be used in order for the plugin to work as intended. Using maps that the plugin is not meant for shouldn't cause any direct gameplay issues though.

    All future updates to the plugin will be posted to the GitHub.

    This plugin is mainly developed by myself, but contains snippets of code from Dr. Underscore, muddy, and sapphonie. The original plugin author is eaasye and this plugin was built off of those previous versions.

    When I started development, I knew nothing about SourcePawn, and I still have a lot to learn, so if you spot anything that can be improved, feel free to make a PR or just DM me about it.
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