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[TF2] MvM Gibs Restore

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Team Fortress 2
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    Restore gibbing for Mann and/or Machines.
    Old 05-03-2023 , 04:25   [TF2] MvM Gibs Restore
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    Sigsegv made their own fix of the MvM gibs 8 years ago, but it's a fix using a different framework than Sourcemod and is not compatible with Windows servers.

    This is a hacked-together alternative out of curiosity. It removes the initial ragdoll as it's both too early and too late to change it's properties with default Sourcemod functions and spawns a new ragdoll that's set to spawn gibs.
    I tried my best to make it work similarly to the gibbing system, including 10-damage-threshold-or-crit-to-gib.
    Works fine from my testing, but I expect there can be rare one-frame-shenanigans that can cause ragdolls to either duplicate or vanish. (Unconfirmed if this can happen, though.)

    Version 1.0.0
    - Initial release.
    -= ConVars =-

    sm_mvm_gibs_enable 1.0 [0.0/1.0] = Enable the MvM Gibs Restore plugin.
    sm_mvm_gibs_teams 3.0 [0.0/3.0] = Choose which team in MvM can gib. (BITFLAGS)
    1 = RED (MANN) can gib.
    2 = BLU (MACHINE) can gib.
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    ragdoll spam, that is all

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