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[L4D1 & L4D2] Unlock CEDA Trailer (c5m2_park) [v1.0.0 | 25-December-2022]

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Left 4 Dead
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    Unlocks the CEDA trailer exit door in c5m2_park map
    Old 12-25-2022 , 15:14   [L4D1 & L4D2] Unlock CEDA Trailer (c5m2_park) [v1.0.0 | 25-December-2022]
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    Parish Chapter 2 Map (c5m2_park) ONLY


    Unlocks the CEDA trailer exit door in c5m2_park map to not be necessary to wait the whole team inside the trailer to unlock it.

    Useful to servers that have a lot of survivors, which sometimes blocks the advance through the campaign because they take too long to get into the trailer.


    This is also possible to achieve with Stripper. If you want to do that through Stripper way instead a plugin, add the following lines to the maps/c5m2_park.cfg file:



    A configuration file named "l4d_c5m2_ceda_door_unlock.cfg" will automatically be created for you upon the first run in the "\cfg\sourcemod\" folder.

    PHP Code:
    // Enable/Disable the plugin.
    // 0 = Disable, 1 = Enable.
    // -
    // Default: "1"
    // Minimum: "0.000000"
    // Maximum: "1.000000"
    l4d_c5m2_ceda_door_unlock_enable "1" 
    Admin Commands
    • sm_print_cvars_l4d_c5m2_ceda_door_unlock => Print the plugin related cvars and their respective values to the console. (z flag required)

    Change Log


    • This plugin sets the CEDA trailer exit door to be always open.
    • This plugin also remove other entites related to that door logic that are not necessary anymore.
    • The door is speed and angles are also changed to be the same as the entrance door.

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    • Any feedback, bug reports, fixes, improvements, translations or suggestions for the plugin are welcome.

    • Put the "l4d_c5m2_ceda_door_unlock.smx" file (click Get Plugin) in your "\addons\sourcemod\plugins\" folder.
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