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[L4D] Door Anti Spam

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Left 4 Dead
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    Kills saferoom door spammer with electric energy and delays door opening + witch hunting game mode
    Old 10-04-2022 , 16:59   [L4D] Door Anti Spam
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    Intended to those rushers and ppl who wasting time of your team.
    Consists of 3 parts:
    1) Prevents infinite rapid door open/close:
    - limit door speed
    - damage people with electricity who try to open/close door for too often
    - kill people who wasted too many attempts to open/close the door

    2) Prevent rushing from tanks
    - Lock the door when first tank is appearing
    - Unlock the door when all tanks died

    3) Don't allow people to waste team time
    - When the most of your team reached the final door, the countdown timer is started
    - If countdown elapsed, "Witch hunting mode" is turning ON!!!
    - everybody who isn't inside the safezone has a lethal chance to meet lot of witches instantly. Just consider them as they are already dead
    • Sound
    • Nice visual effects

    Settings (ConVars):
    Can be found in: cfg/sourcemod/l4d_door_antispam.cfg
    PHP Code:
    // 0=Plugin off, 1=Plugin on.
    l4d_door_antispam_allow "1"

    // Is door electric when opened? (1 - Yes, 0 - No)
    l4d_door_antispam_electric_opened "1"

    // Is door electric when closed? (1 - Yes, 0 - No)
    l4d_door_antispam_electric_closed "1"

    // Number of locked door touches to begin warn player
    l4d_door_antispam_touch_warn "3"

    // Number of locked door touches to begin shock player
    l4d_door_antispam_touch_shock "5"

    // Number of locked door touches to kill player
    l4d_door_antispam_touch_kill "10"

    // Download additional visual fx effects files for tesla (L4D1 only)
    l4d_door_antispam_download_fx "1"

    // Ensure end checkpoint door spawn as closed (1 - Yes, 0 - No)
    l4d_door_antispam_ensure_closed "1"

    // Kill entities preventing to open/close the door? (0 - No, 1 - yes: infected only, 2 - yes: all, including players)
    l4d_door_antispam_kill_blockers "2"

    // Block the door when tanks are not killed? (1 - Yes, 0 - No)
    l4d_door_antispam_lock_on_tanks "1"

    // Number of seconds to delay door in opened/closed state (0 - to disable)
    l4d_door_antispam_delay_time "3.0"

    // Percent of alive players +1 that should be next to the safe room to begin witch hunting (-1 - to disable)
    l4d_door_antispam_percent_ready_wh "50"

    // Maximum distance to saferoom for counting percent for witch hunting
    l4d_door_antispam_distance_room_wh "1000"

    // Time (in seconds) witch will wait for to begin hunting
    l4d_door_antispam_time_wh "30"

    // Time (in seconds) the next map will be forcibly loaded after witch hunting started (for emergency)
    l4d_door_antispam_force_next_map_time "90" 

    Supported games:
    - L4D1
    - L4D2
    - Left 4 Dragokas (smx)
    - (optional) Map Changer with rating system by Dragokas
    - (optional) (L4D1 only) You may want to include tesla particles materials as a downloadable content (see also ConVar "l4d_door_antispam_download_fx") to make visual effect looks more cool.
    - Compatible with DragoStats (automatically disable counting witch points when "Witch hunting mode" is turned ON.
    - English
    - Russian
    - ConVar "l4d_door_antispam_kill_blockers" may cause damage player state (since one of the damn Valve updates), causing player can't do anything and can't see himself when he is killed by the door, even after changing the map.

    - @cravenge - for "Lockdown System" plugin - I took the most his nice code from there
    - @SilverShot - for Teasla effect from "Mutant Zombies" plugin
    - @Mr.ToNik - for energy splash effect logic I used from "VIP Spawn Effects" plugin
    Donates are very appreciated and welcomed for further inspiration, make me happy, and make next updates came out more often:
    - Patreon
    - BitCoin
    - Ю.Money
    - It's my private plugin written for myself and my Bloody Witch team.
    - Project and updates discontinued. Don't ask.
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    nice work
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