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[L4D(2)] Dynamic Tank Avoidance [v1.6.8b] | [24-Sep-2022]

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Left 4 Dead
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    Survivor bots will avoid any tank within a specified range
    Old 08-31-2022 , 12:28   [L4D(2)] Dynamic Tank Avoidance [v1.6.8b] | [24-Sep-2022]
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    Inspired by the 200 IQ Bots of ConnerRia.

    This is my version of ConnerRia's Fly You Fools plugin. Instead of focusing on the latest tank spawn, I added an algorithm where it records all spawned living tanks in an array and compare it to each Survivor bot position.

    Type A - An L4D2 exclusive
    - Makes use of vscript commands exclusive to only L4D2
    - Optimized code for seamless tank avoidance.
    - Retains ConnerRia's original premise which requires bot AI reset on incapacitation
    Type B - Applicable to both L4D1/2
    - Requires SM 1.10+
    - Optimized algorithm. Tank detection will not reset anymore unlike Type A
    - L4D1 implementation included
    - Survivor AI will not reset on incapacitation.
    - Refactored entire tank spawn listing algorithm
    - [FIXED] Does not detect player controlled tanks (Type B is currently not recommended for VS modes)
    - [FIXED] Algorithm's indexing errors in relation to players/bots
    Saved to l4d_dynamictankavoidance.cfg in your servers ..\cfg\sourcemod\ folder.
    //Print [L4D] Dynamic Tank Avoidance Version
    //The range the survivor bots must keep a distance from any incoming tank.
    //Default is 300
    Recommended Settings
    //A range between 100 to 225 hammer units is recommended for multi-tank maps such as Tank Challenge, Tank Arena, and Tanks Playground by Obez
    //For extremely crowded areas with tanks(Tanks > 2 with limited movement space)
    l4d_dynatankavoidancerange 100
    //A bit spacey but a lot of tanks(Tanks > 2 with a considerable movement area)
    l4d_dynatankavoidancerange 225
    //Recommended default for using Valve's original tank spawn settings which is a maximum of 2 simultaneous tank spawns per map like in Swamp Fever
    l4d_dynatankavoidancerange 300
    //My own recommended settings for ANY type of game involving a huge pool of tanks or otherwise
    l4d_dynatankavoidancerange 135
    Changelog - Date format is MM/DD/YYY
     Version 1.6.8b - 09/22/2022
            - L4D1 method now fully functioning.
     Version 1.6.7b - 09/22/2022
            - Optimizations / Refactored algorithm
     Version 1.6.6b - 09/22/2022 ~ 5 views
            - Optimizations
            - Improved tank spawn listing algorithm for VS modes
     Version 1.2.3a - FINAL - 09/22/2022 
            - A few more optimizations
     Version 1.2.1a - 09/17/2022 ~ 29 views
            - Optimized tank avoidance algorithm for TYPE A
            - Tiny correction on tank detection(V1.2.2a)
     Version 1.6.1b - 09/17/2022 ~ 26 views
            - Optimized algorithm further.
            - Now detects player tanks.
            - No more errors on tank deletion from spawn list
     Version 1.5.1b - 09/16/2022 ~ 10 views
            - New tank detection method done on the fly.
            - Doesn't waste precious milliseconds rebuilding tank list unlike TYPE A.
            - Removed debug reporting in chat (Version 1.5.2b)
     Version 1.2a - 09/09/2022 ~ 38 views
            - Updated to new transitional 1.7 syntax.
            - Removed "L4D1 implementation"
            - An L4D2-exclusive plugin (Type A)
     Version 1.1 - 9/02/2022 ~ 29 views
            - Added support for L4D1. It appears command a bot doesn't function as intended on L4D1.
            TO DO: Will create another implementation for L4D1
     Version 1.0 - 8/31/2022 ~ 31 views
            - Supports only L4D2.
            - Initial release
    Timocop(indirectly) ~ for the L4D2 stock
    ConnerRia ~ For the original implementation where I figured out what to improve on.
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    Old 09-17-2022 , 06:52   Re: [L4D(2)] Dynamic Tank Avoidance (v1.6.1b), 17-Sep-2022)
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    looks interesting gonna try it

    edit: well it works great and even more with the witch avoidance plugin as well

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    Old 10-24-2022 , 22:33   Re: [L4D(2)] Dynamic Tank Avoidance [v1.6.8b] | [24-Sep-2022]
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    Which version is better for L4D2?
    Does version B do something version A doesn't?
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    Old 11-24-2022 , 16:36   Re: [L4D(2)] Dynamic Tank Avoidance [v1.6.8b] | [24-Sep-2022]
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    Originally Posted by Nexedail View Post
    Which version is better for L4D2?
    Does version B do something version A doesn't?
    Both versions feature-wise should accomplish the same thing with a few minor differences.

    Version B is primarily supposed to be a bleeding edge version of type A (A.K.A - A different implementation with the same goal in mind including backward compatibility for L4D1). If you primarily play L4D2, it does not matter which version you'd take as any would do.

    By default, you should stick to type A if you only play L4D2.
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    Old 08-17-2023 , 10:09   Re: [L4D(2)] Dynamic Tank Avoidance [v1.6.8b] | [24-Sep-2022]
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    Could you create a survivor bot that can evade special infected?
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