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[TF2] PropHunt Neu (1.7.2, 2023-04-13)

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    A new and improved version of the popular hide 'n seek gamemode for Team Fortress 2
    Old 02-12-2022 , 13:38   [TF2] PropHunt Neu (1.7.2, 2023-04-13)
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    [TF2] PropHunt Neu

    PropHunt Neu is my own take on the classic hide 'n seek gamemode for Team Fortress 2.

    Note: This is not a rewrite of Prop Hunt Redux, but rather a spiritual successor to it. This plugin was written from scratch and many things are done differently.

    🡺 Source Code on GitHub

    • Ability to disguise as any prop on the map
      • Including static props, dynamic props and other model-based entities
      • Player health scales with size of selected prop
    • Centralized prop configuration to blacklist and configure props
      • Allows matching multiple props at once using regular expressions
      • No map-specific configuration files required
    • Greatly improved Hunter (BLU) gameplay
      • Dynamically calculated self-damage values depending on used weapon
      • Minimal weapon and class restrictions
    • Compatibility with almost any arena map without any additional configs
    • Highly configurable using ConVars and configuration files


    You can find the latest release package on the Releases tab of the GitHub repository.
    You can also find the change log between versions there.

    🡺 Download Latest Release




    Console output from the find command (because I'm lazy):
    PHP Code:
    "ph_gravity_modifier" "0.625"
    Modifier to player gravity.
    "ph_relay_name" "hidingover"
    Name of the relay to trigger when setup time ends.
    "ph_round_time" "225"
    Length of the round timein seconds.
    "ph_setup_time" "45"
    Length of the setup timein seconds.
    "ph_setup_truce" "0"
    When setprops can not be damaged during setup.
    "ph_open_doors_after_setup" "1"
    When setopen all doors after setup time ends.
    "ph_flamethrower_velocity" "300.0"
    Velocity to add to the player while firing the Flame ThrowerSet to 0 to disable Flame Thrower flying.
    "ph_healing_modifier" "0.25"
    Modifier of the amount of healing received from continuous healing sources.
    "ph_bonus_refresh_interval" "60.0"
    Interval at which the control point bonus refreshesin seconds.
    "ph_chat_tip_interval" "240.0"
    Interval at which tips are printed in chatin secondsSet to 0 to disable chat tips.
    "ph_regenerate_last_prop" "1"
    When setregenerate the last prop so that they receive their weapons.
    "ph_hunter_setup_freeze" "1"
    When setprevent Hunter movement during setup.
    "ph_hunter_damage_modifier_scoutprimary_push" "5.0"
    Modifier of self-damage taken from the Shortstop's shove ability.
    "ph_hunter_damage_modifier_projectile" = "0.5"
     - Modifier of self-damage taken from miscellaneous projectiles.
    "ph_hunter_damage_modifier_flamethrower" = "0.15"
     - Modifier of self-damage taken from Flame Throwers.
    "ph_hunter_damage_modifier_grapplinghook" = "1.0"
     - Modifier of self-damage taken from the Grappling Hook.
    "ph_hunter_damage_modifier_melee" = "0.15"
     - Modifier of self-damage taken from melees.
    "ph_hunter_damage_modifier_gun" = "0.35"
     - Modifier of self-damage taken from guns.
    "ph_prop_proplock_enabled" = "1"
     - When set, props are allowed to freeze in place.
    "ph_prop_afterburn_immune" = "1"
     - When set, props do not take afterburn damage.
    "ph_prop_max_health" = "300"
     - Maximum health of props, regardless of prop size. Set to 0 to unrestrict health.
    "ph_prop_select_distance" = "128.0"
     - Minimum required distance to a prop for it to be selectable, in HU.
    "ph_prop_max_size" = "400.0"
     - Maximum allowed size of props for them to be selectable.
    "ph_prop_min_size" = "40.0"
     - Minimum allowed size of props for them to be selectable.
    "ph_enable" = "1"
     - When set, the plugin will be enabled.
    "ph_version" = "1.7.2"
     notify singleplayer replicated
     - PropHunt Neu version 
    Configuration Files

    Unlike other versions of PropHunt, there are no map-specific configuration files.

    Due to the dynamic nature of this plugin, all props are configured in a single global prop configuration. The default configuration should be sufficient for most maps, but you are of course free to edit it.

    If you need to change convar values for a map, use TF2's built-in map configuration files (e.g. for a map named ph_cchotel_b3 you would put all of your convars into cfg/maps/ph_cchotel_b3.cfg).

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    Old 03-08-2023 , 08:50   Re: [TF2] PropHunt Neu (1.3.2, 2022-03-08)
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    Hello Mikusch,
    Thanks for putting effort into a version of PropHunt since PH Redux has been abandoned for many years now.
    I must have done something wrong in trying to install this. For me MOUSE1 is nonresponsive and the prop player just stays in civilian scout model. Mouse2 does engage the prop lock (it was not clear that it toggled back to disengaged) and I hear sounds from MOUSE3. There are no errors posted in /addons/sourcemod/logs and the plugin is loaded. Any idea what I am missing that is preventing the prop model selection from happening? Your suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated!


    Edited - solved quote from Mikusch "You need to go up to another prop, face it, and then press MOUSE1. It's like Garry's Mod Prop Hunt."
    Thanks Mikusch!

    @Mikusch Upon testing this, I am wondering if this is a bug or perhaps some cvar not ideally set in server.cfg. If the server is initially booted or a map change happens, Prophunt Nue launches after the 30 second countdown "waiting for players to join", it runs correctly, and seems to continue to run correctly if populated. (normal expected behavior, mod works correctly.)
    However, if the number of clients in the session drops to 1 or 0, and then enough join for it to start again, the mod does not run after the 30 second "waiting for players to join" delay. If you restart the map or change the map, then the PH mod works again. This is repeatable and reproduceable. Thoughts?

    ++edited again for update ++
    version 1.7.2 fixes the mod not restarting

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