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[TF2] Center Projectiles / tf2centerprojectiles

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Team Fortress 2
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Provides the command sm_centerprojectiles [0|1] to center projectiles like shooting rockets from the center (like The Original) for any rocket launcher, shoot pipebombs and sticky bombs from the center, and more!
Old 07-31-2021 , 13:19   [TF2] Center Projectiles / tf2centerprojectiles
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2023-01-06 _ v8.0: updated gamedata & added a gamedata auto-updater via SteamWorks extension
2022-12-01 _ v7.2: gamedata & added "centerprojectiles_version" cvar
2022-06-24 _ v7.1: gamedata
2021-07-31 _ v7.0: works with secondaries & melee weapons

This is a pretty simple plugin that provides the command
sm_centerprojectiles // toggle
sm_centerprojectiles [0|1]
so individual players can toggle having their rockets, pipebombs, stickybombs, and more shooting from center.

For most projectile-based weapons, the centering is done via the centerfire_projectile attribute.
Some examples: rocket launchers, bow and arrow, rescue-ranger, syringe guns, crusader's crossbow, and flareguns.
The pipebomb launcher & stickybomb launcher are centered through the use of a hook on Weapon_ShootPosition to negate the projectile's position offset.

Source repo: https://github.com/rtldg/tf2centerprojectiles
Example video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciCpVSi6AZk

Also, since June 2021, the Uncletopia servers have been running this plugin for primary weapons, so check those servers out if you want to try this.
(Since June 2022, Uncletopia has been using version 7.1 which works for primary, secondary, and melee weapons)

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Old 08-02-2021 , 15:02   Re: [TF2] Center Projectiles / tf2centerprojectiles
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Working great on our servers as well =D

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