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mute players & anticamp

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Old 03-31-2021 , 13:59   mute players & anticamp
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hello i do not have the option to mute players for period of time only perm mute, is it possible to do so i can mute 10 min 30 min and so on?

2 anti camp
how do i change the time players are allowed to camp, i cant find it
i use https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=895990
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Old 03-31-2021 , 14:37   Re: mute players & anticamp
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Originally Posted by TomL. View Post
You want to use Sourcebans or a similar plugin for persistent bans.
The cvars for the anti-camp are in the main post of the plugin thread.

Originally Posted by stachi View Post
  • sm_anticamp_enable 1
    "Set to 0 to disable anticamp"
  • sm_anticamp_beacon 1
    "Set to 0 to disable beacons"
  • sm_anticamp_take_cash 0
    "Amount of money decrease while camping every 2 sec. Set 0 to disable"
  • sm_anticamp_mincash 0
    "Minimum money a camper reserves"
  • sm_anticamp_blind 0
    "Blind player while camping"
  • sm_anticamp_slap_mode 1
    "Set 1 to slap or 2 to slay (kills instantly). Set 0 to disable both"
  • sm_anticamp_slap_dmg 5
    "Amount of health decrease while camping every 2 sec. Ignored for slay"
  • sm_anticamp_minhealth 15
    "Minimum health a camper reserves. Set 0 to slap till dead. If slay set the health from which player will not be killed"
  • sm_anticamp_punish_delay 2
    Delay between camper notification and first punishment in secounds
  • sm_anticamp_punish_freq 2
    Time between punishments while camping in secounds
  • sm_anticamp_minhealth_camp 1
    "Set 0 to allow camping below minhealth. Set 1 to punish without damage"
  • sm_anticamp_radius 120
    "The radius to check for camping"
  • sm_anticamp_camptime 30
    "The amount of times a suspected camper is checked for"
  • sm_anticamp_t_camp 1
    "Set to 1 to allow camping for t on cs maps. 0 = Disable"
  • sm_anticamp_t_camp_planted 1
    "Set to 1 to allow camping for Ts if bomb planted. Set to 0 to disable"
  • sm_anticamp_ct_camp 1
    "Set to 1 to allow camping for ct on de maps. 0 = Disable"
  • sm_anticamp_ct_camp_dropped 1
    "Set to 1 to allow camping for ct if bomb dropped. Is only needed if sm_anticamp_ct_camp is 0"
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